25 Pairs of Underwear That Are So Pretty I'm Considering Wearing Them as Pants

Pink Ganni Underwear Set


@annasarlvit; Pictured: Ganni underwear set.

I used to be a lingerie fanatic. I bought my first bra at 13 (a traumatizing tale for a different day) and quickly graduated from my cotton old faithful to more exciting lingerie. I know I’m not the only one here who thought Victoria’s Secret was the height of sophistication, and once I discovered La Perla and Agent Provocateur, it was game over. I'd feel giddy, sliding on a decadent lingerie set underneath an otherwise innocuous outfit.

Somewhere along the way, I settled into a routine of simple and comfortable (if somewhat boring) daily underwear. I was spending a lot of time working from home in my sweatpants. Anything underneath it became an afterthought. That is, until earlier this year. While attempting a closet overhaul, I stumbled across a long-forgotten trousseau my bridal party had gifted me. My maid of honor organized a lingerie shower (a ripping good time that I highly recommend) at my bachelorette and my friends had not disappointed. Inspired by this collection of sexy, lacy, and frilly underpinnings, I set out to revamp my lingerie drawer. My WFH days are a lot more fun now that I’m pairing oversize sweatshirts with something cheekier below the waist.

Inspired to do the same? Whether you’re wearing them for you (or someone else), these are some of the prettiest pairs of underwear out there.

These high waist lace hipsters would be a cute upgrade to sleeping shorts. Plus they're 3 for $35 so you can stock up. 

Don't be fooled by the lace panel - this pair disappears seamlessly beneath clothing.

You know Dita Von Teese knows what's up when it comes to lingerie.

The perfect pair to curl up and watch Pretty In Pink. 

The metallic sheen on these look like delicate brocade.

The gold beading on these are as dainty as anything you'd find on a vintage cocktail dress.

There's no other word for it: these are a chic pair of panties.

Festive enough for the holidays, wearable all year round.

The butterflies add a touch of whimsy to this sweet white pair.

Almost contemplating getting married again just so I can wear these.

Channel your inner Paris Hilton in this micro micro (micro) mini.

The pink ribbons weaving through eyelet lace? *Chef's kiss.*

The lettuce edging feels simultaneously nostalgic and on trend.

You'll feel a frisson of delight slipping on this cheery yellow number.