The Prettiest Under-$45 Bras From Topshop, H&M, and Target


Courtesy of Auden for Target

It's no secret that a really good bra can cost upward of $100 or more, and while we're all for investing in one of the most important components of your daily wardrobe, we also know that purchasing lingerie is also an emotional decision. What do we mean? We mean that sometimes you crave a pretty new negligee to add to your collection and would prefer to satisfy your lingerie shopping urges without going broke. Maybe you have a special date coming up, want to feel extra powerful for an important meeting, or are simply in the mood for treating yourself—no matter what the occasion, we want to ensure you know exactly where to shop for affordable but still really pretty lingerie

Currently, our favorite retailers for this very shopping excursion are Topshop, H&M, and Target. With not one single bra ringing in at over $45, you have the opportunity to buy multiple pretty new bras without feeling one ounce of guilt. Ahead, shop our personal selection of the prettiest bras from the three aforementioned retailers. From lace bralettes to T-shirt bras, enjoy the stunning slideshow of cheap lingerie thrills. 


Who said strapless bras can't be beautiful? 

The matching underwear might be even prettier. 

Silky-smooth in both appearance and touch. 

Red lingerie is always a must-have. 

Texture is wildly at play here, and we love it. 

Another stunning strapless bra to blow your mind. 

Everything from the color to the ruffle trim has us weak in the knees. 

Wear it as a top or a bra—both result in a stunning lacey moment. 

Cap-sleeve bras—they're a thing. 


This reminds us of a ballerina in the best way. 

Clearly we can't get enough of this hue. 

Nude bras are another lingerie staple that doesn't have to be boring. 

Destined for the special occasion of your choosing. 

Is it just us, or does this bra looks insanely expensive? 

The perfect bralette to wear underneath a strappy tank top. 

Lavender will always win our hearts.


The detailing on this is impeccable. 

Another pretty nude bra to add to your growing collection. 

Maximum comfort with maximum style. 

Bet you don't have a bra in this shade. 

If you have yet to try an unlined bra, now's your chance.

Comfortable enough to sleep in. 

This one's for all our push-up girls out there.