12 Hairstyles British Girls Are Asking for Right Now

From the most popular haircuts to trending street style, London girls have been serving up plenty of beauty and style inspiration already this winter. But what about the rest of the UK? When it comes to hair, in particular, I'm always fascinated by the way that pixie crops can be taking off in one city while it's all about length in another.

So while I couldn't make time for an actual road trip around Blighty to source the beauty lowdown myself, I decided to catch up with some hairstylists around the UK to find out exactly what styles Brit girls are asking for right now.


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From Glasgow to Birmingham, keep scrolling to find out the haircuts that local girls are stepping out in as well as insight into the hairstyles that are tipped to be most popular all over the UK this winter.


Schwarzkopf UK ambassador Suzie McGill is also the owner of Glasgow's popular Rainbow Room International's Uddingston Salon and has spotted three key styles that Glaswegian women have been asking for recently: blunt bobscropped pixie cuts and mid-length hairstyles.

"For winter, we're definitely going shorter," McGill told me. "We will see those with longer hair going for mid-length cuts, those with mid-length cuts going for bobs and those with bobs going that wee bit shorter or opting for a more dramatic, cropped hairstyle."


#1 Blunt Bobs
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"Blunt bobs have been extremely popular with clients coming into the salon requesting their bob to be a lot sharper and blunter without texture and layers," McGill explained. "Most clients have requested this style cut just above the shoulder between the nape of the neck and ears. This is the perfect way to wear this style—finished super sleek and straight."

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#2 Cropped Cuts
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"Super-cropped pixie cuts are popular in the salon. I think as we head into the winter months, clients want to shift excess weight from their hair and opt for something easier to manage and style," explained McGill. "These styles are so sexy and cool and can be easily styled by using a simple texturising spray (or gel or mousse to give the hair texture). This hairstyle is also great as it's so versatile and can suit any hair type. Plus, if you're someone who's always on the go, this cut requires little styling to look good."

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#3 Mid-Length Hairstyles
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"Mid-length cuts have been becoming more and more popular throughout the year, and I think this will continue into 2020," predicted McGill. "I think girls are starting to be more careful with their hair and are trying to keep it in its best condition and looking as healthy as possible. We've found a lot of girls coming into the salon to get inches off their locks and going just a bit shorter so that the hair is all one length and looks thick and healthy. This hairstyle is so much better than having super long hair that's wispy at the ends."

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When it comes to the girls in Scotland's capital, Simon Hill, owner of Edinburgh's Sesh Hairdressing, explained that they like to keep things individual. "Our clients tend to be quite unique, and it isn't often that we find a lot of patterns emerging. However, lately, we have found that our clients tend to be mostly asking for the classic bobsoft layered fringes and the smallest trim possible," he revealed.

As for what's set to be trending this winter? "I think the French girl–inspired fringe will be big this winter," Hill predicts. "This soft layering frames the face beautifully and adds a really subtle update to your look—perfect to make a slight tweak but nothing too drastic."


#4 Classic Bobs
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Unlike the bob style that's popular in Glasgow, Edinburgh's penchant for the classic bob can be a little freer and easier. If you're not sure about the severity of a blunt cut, then ask your hairdresser to take some of the weight out of the ends for a choppier, laid-back finish.

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#5 Layered Fringes
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With a nod towards the classic French-girl fringe (it's all about the centre parting to channel those Parisian vibes), layered fringes are playing with length and texture to stop your bangs from feeling too formal.

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#6 Micro Trims
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Also known as "invisible trims," micro trims are particularly popular among Brits who love their long hair. In winter, when hair can get particularly dry and damaged, it's so important to get your hair cut regularly to keep it healthy. Regular micro trims will keep split ends at bay and boost shine without making any drastic changes to your signature style.

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Moving down to the midlands where, for Birmingham girls, it's all about the glamorous hairstyles. Michelle Griffin, owner of Griffins Salon and founder of Loxbox Extensions, revealed that "the choppy bob, long and luxurious and mid-length sophistication" were the top three cuts locally right now, with no signs of it slowing down for winter.

"It's all about the long, luxurious style this winter," said Griffin. "A lot of our clients are big on volume, and this is incorporated into the styles that they request when they visit the salon." 


#7 Choppy Bobs
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Forget sleek and straight, Birmingham girls want their bobs with plenty of texture. And they're even opting to use extensions to test out the look before they take the plunge. "Using extensions to achieve a desired look adds volume but also thickness to the hair," explained Griffin. Extensions are so versatile and can be worn in many different styles. … [They] can also be pinned to create a faux illusion of a choppy bob."

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#8 Long and Luxurious Hairstyles
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Griffin made the point that this style was all about the "minimum cutting"—similar to the micro trim that's so popular in Edinburgh right now. Rather than the poker-straight, '90s-style long hair that's also popular right now, this look is more about volume. Add texture with volumising sprays or curling tongs to prevent long lengths from falling flat.

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#9 Sophisticated Mid-Lengths
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The best thing about a mid-length hairstyle is that it's so versatile and totally timeless. Wear it straight and sleek or add extra interest by playing with texture and where your parting sits.

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In the North of England, there's one style that's made a definite comeback for winter: the lob. "I think that a lot of people will go for the lob with a new twist this winter," said Ross Charles, owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing in York. "For a while now, we have seen the lob in one length with little movement. This winter, I think we will see people keeping the length but adding in some choppy layers."

But what are Yorkshire girls requesting alongside the lob? No surprises here—the bob remains popular all over the country, and it seems like pixie cuts are also on the top of the list.


#10 Lobs
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"The lob is still popular," explained Charles. "But I do feel clients are beginning to move away from the one-length version of this style."

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#11 Pixie Cuts
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"Pixie cuts are also quite popular amongst our clients at the moment," said Charles. "Think really short and cropped or with little length on top to add a contemporary edge."

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#12 Bobs
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"At the moment, I am finding that clients tend to be asking for bobs," said Charles. "There are two popular variations of this style—straight, sharp and blunt and then a lot more textured and movement."

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