4 Swimwear Trends London Girls Won't Touch

Tired of us talking about swimwear trends? Great, me neither. With so many different styles and brands out there, staying in the know when it comes to the coolest beachy fads seems nearly impossible. That's where we come in. After covering all the hoopla surrounding anything remotely interesting that happens in this specific market, I felt (to be utterly transparent with you) completely fresh out of ideas. Sometimes when this happens, I like to reach out to our incredibly stylish and talented Who What Wear UK editors to find out what's going on across the pond.

They are always willing to give me a quick pulse of what's going on in London through their eyes, and this time, I was pressing them on swimwear. Since each of the women ahead has their own individual style, I was curious which particular swimwear trends these London fashion editors were buying for the summer, in addition to the ones they are refusing to wear. Curious to find out what their answers were? Keep scrolling and you'll get a whole mouthful of trend talk.

Hannah Almassi, Editor in Chief of Who What Wear UK


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Not Wearing: Thongs

"Call me a prude (or a wuss, or a lover of massive Bridget Jones–worthy undergarments), but I just cannot bring myself to wear thong swimwear. I don't mind a small-ish pair of bikini bottoms, and it’s true that sometimes a leaner cut can be more flattering for any figure or size, but this is an uncomfortable step too far. For me, it's not about being concerned regarding flashing more flesh or not having a peachy derrière like, say, EmRata. It is literally about being my most chilled out on holiday, and this silhouette doesn’t give me that level of ease. Power to you if it’s your jam, but I don't want even the vaguest hint of a wedgie, no matter how fashionable it might be." 

Wearing: Crinkle Fabrics

"Don't judge, but I now have three (yes, three!) Hunza G belted swimsuits and a ruffled bikini from the very same brand. Why the obsession? This signature crinkle fabric, which has been resurrected from the ‘80s and restyled for now, is genius: It hugs in all the right places, gives in others, dries quickly, and has clearly started a huge trend across the swimwear board. None of the cheaper imitations have quite the same feel, but they do still look the part. All of the versions I own are in block colors, so I can justify this leopard print as an addition, right?" 

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Joy Montgomery, Shopping Editor at Who What Wear UK


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Not Wearing: High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

"Confession: I love high-waisted bikini bottoms. I think they look achingly cool on other girls who rock the trend's curve-hugging fit and I can't get enough of their subtle nod to swimwear designs of the 1950s. But, sadly, rather than a vision of retro elegance, when I put one on I just look like I'm wearing granny pants and/or a nappy. Not so chic. It's been a lesson in not just wearing something because everyone else is: I just have to face up to the fact that my body shape is simply better-suited to the basic tie-side style. A girl can still dream though."

Wearing: Gingham

"In previous seasons I've been a bit of a swimwear purist—only purchasing the simplest unprinted triangle bikinis (typically in black). However the recent influx of throwback styles has piqued my interest, and I've found myself obsessing over the gingham prints championed by brands such as Faithfull the Brand, Marysia, and Ganni. In the end, I settled for & Other Stories blue iteration, which was not only affordable but also feels like a good entry point for a print-ambivalent person such as myself."

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Nell Block, Assistant Editor at Who What Wear UK


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Not Wearing: Bandeau Bikinis

"In theory, I’ve got nothing against a bandeau bikini, but in practice, they're far too precarious for me. When I've dabbled with this style in the past, I've found you need to find just the right size. To stay supported, I've had to size down, but then I've been unable to avoid the underboob situation from happening. But if I size up, it results in having to continuously hoist up my bikini top, and I don't need to tell you that this isn't exactly the chic beach look I'm going for." 

Wearing: One-Shoulder Swimsuits

"Where do I start with how much I love the one-shoulder swimsuit? It has an elegance that other one-pieces don’t have, it’s flattering for everyone, and it works as a top under trousers or skirts—aka the ultimate beach-to-bar swimming costume. Right now Hunza G’s version is right at the top of my list." 

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Emma Spedding, Deputy Editor at Who What Wear UK


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Not Wearing: Triangle Bikinis

"I want to love triangle bikinis—they look so cool on practically every other person I see while trawling through Instagram in summer. On me? On me, they remind me too much of a spaghetti strap top, aka my worst nightmare. I prefer a bikini with slightly more strap so I feel secure in the knowledge it won't fall down mid-swim." 

Wearing: Retro Bikinis

"I do however adore a bikini with a retro shape. Think high-waisted bottoms and bow-tie tops. They fit me in all the right places, and there’s no risk of the top falling off. I’ve currently got my eye on this & Other Stories underwire multicolored one after my flatmate came home with it. I have no beach holiday planned but will happily rock it to my local lido when London heats up." 

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Editorial Director

Lauren Eggertsen is currently the editorial director of Who What Wear and has worked at the company for over eight years, where she started as an associate editor and has since worked her way up. Lauren has over 10 years of experience in the fashion editorial space, starting her career with internships at Marc Jacobs, Marie Claire, and The Zoe Report, where she was later hired as their editorial assistant. Lauren has worked in the Los Angeles and New York Who What Wear offices but currently calls L.A. home. It is here where she leads and manages Who What Wear's fashion team and oversees all day-to-day editorial content and large tentpole moments. This includes all of the runway, trend, and shopping-driven content that ultimately helps to build a strong brand reputation within the industry. Lauren's role also includes helping to set the fashion direction for all original photo shoots and often styles many of the celebrity cover shoots, including big names like Kaia Gerber, Normani, and Kristen Stewart.

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