I Style Women From Size 0 to 22—These Are the Dressing Secrets I Tell My Clients

We here at Who What Wear love to tap into celebrity stylists and pick their brain on all things fashion—from the basics they recommend to where they buy the best affordable accessories and the types of items they’d remove from our closet. Today we're turning to celebrity stylist and image consultant Tiffany Gifford, who works with celebrities of all shapes and sizes (she's styled looks for Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Lambert, and Gwen Stefani to name a few). She also consults on a one-to-one basis for the likes of you and me through personal styling hub Glamhive.

Below she's sharing her dressing tips, tricks, and secrets on styling all body types from size 0 to 22—advising us on what undergarments to buy and encouraging us to have fun with fashion no matter our size. Shop her top picks on what to buy and where.

Create a Contrasting Silhouette

"It's always flattering to create a contrasting silhouette where there may not be one already—for instance, if you generally like to cover your arms consider wearing a contrasting shade for the base and different shade on top for the jacket. If the jacket is light, consider going dark with the shirt underneath or vice versa. It creates a contrast and brings the eye to the middle of the body, which is always flattering."

Find the Right Undergarments

"Always make sure you have the right undergarments and learn how to wear them. It sounds crazy, but time and time again I have to explain what the extra straps that come with your Spanx are for. If you're like most people, you throw them out not knowing what to use them for. They're actually to wrap around your bra straps so the high-waisted Spanx shorts stay where they're supposed to and don't fall down. This is great for anyone that wants to wear their own bra but still wants the smoothness from the bra through the leg."

Know Your Shape

"Knowing your body shape will help you highlight your assets. One of my clients is super curvy with a tiny waist. She also fluctuates in size quite quickly and easily because she's so petite. We know the best fit for her is always a fit and flare—it works every time, no matter what size she is. The best thing we can do is always to highlight her waist. If you have great legs, highlight those! Don't go with the trends if it's not highlighting what looks best on you."

Invest in Accessories

"You don't have to spend a ton on clothing to look like a million bucks. Sites like ASOS and Target are a great resource for trend-driven pieces that look great in so many sizes. It's frankly where I shop a great deal of the time not only for my clients but personally as well. I usually suggest to my clients to invest in accessories that elevate the entire look."

Don't Be Afraid of Bright Colors & Prints

"Have fun with your wardrobe, or as a friend of mine, Jess Raiter, fashion director at 11 Honoré, put it—'your second skin.' I see clients want to shy away from color or prints and opt for black—which as a former New Yorker, I'm used to wearing plenty of black. But now I embrace bright and bold colors."