So You're Going on Vacation—These 24 Items Will Look So Good in Photos

I took a mini-vacation last weekend, and I found myself reminiscing about a time before smartphones and social media. (I suppose I'm dating myself when I say that, but it's fine.) It was just much easier to live in the moment during that time. But these days, I don't remember the last time I didn't feel the need to document my travels, and I'm more inclined to shop for and pack items that look good in vacation photos.

I compiled a few categories of vacation-friendly items that would make for some pretty epic photos, no matter where you're traveling to. In general, a vacation wardrobe consisting of brightly colored pieces, pretty dresses, fun and functional accessories, and maybe a piece or two that sparkles in the sun will lead to many lovely vacation photos. Scroll on to shop chic, photo-friendly pieces that deserve a place in your suitcase (or at least your memory). 

Colorful Pieces

Vacation photos



Nothing stops someone in their scrolling tracks like a pop of vibrant color in their feed. And I don't know about you, but wearing bold colors always makes me feel a little brighter.

Interesting Accessories

Vacation photos



A cool hat, a special bag, eye-catching jewelry, or any other accessory can make any outfit instantly feed-worthy.


The delicate, sheer fabric that is crochet looks beautiful in photos, and it's a great way to add interest to a swimsuit shot.

Pretty Dresses

A pretty dress is essentially the easiest way to ensure your vacation photos will be successful. You don't really need anything else—except maybe an equally pretty backdrop.

Some Sparkle

Vacation photos



Sparkly clothing makes for excellent photos, and it's also fun to wear. Win-win.

Chic Swimwear

It goes without saying that a cool swimsuit is one of the most photogenic things you can wear. See above for proof.