This Spicy Note Is All I Look for in a Perfume—10 That Are Actual Perfection

I'm a girl who's historically been partial to clean floral fragrances. But when fall and winter roll around, I love to take a leap of faith and try fragrances that are a little less "fresh," perfumes with warmth, musk, and a whole lot of spice. If you're a spicy-fragrance novice like I am, it's easy to hold yourself to the scent families you're most familiar with. (I gravitate toward any eau de parfum with white florals included as a key note.)

But here's something to consider. Just because you're familiar with key ingredients that are commonly combined with each other, that doesn't mean you won't find other unique combinations that will make your heart skip a beat. For me, cinnamon has been the standout note of the season that deserves all the attention. Read on to discover which cinnamon-scented fragrances are worth adding to your collection.



Fragrances With Cinnamon Notes

For newcomers to the world of spicy scents, this one is the perfect place to start. Diptyque's L'eau is a unisex eau de toilette that combines macerations of clove, cinnamon, flowers, and woods for a fragrance that's both bright and warm.

This aptly named eau de parfum by Estée Lauder brings on the heat with a blend of jasmine, orange flower, clove, patchouli, and a dash of cinnamon. It's a scent that's undeniably warm and mysterious—ideal for anyone who wants to play up their sensual side.

Here's one luxurious eau de parfum that's definitely worth its steep price. Angels' Share uses vibrant notes of cognac, tonka bean, oak word, and, of course, cinnamon essence. It's also on the sweeter side, blending those warmer notes with praline and vanilla for a fragrance you'll never forget.

Maison Margiela's Replica fragrances have been all over social media in the past couple of years. This one, Autumn Vibes, was launched in 2021 and has been one of the brand's best-selling fragrances to date. It's a crisp, woody perfume that balances notes of fir balsam with spicy cardamom, cinnamon, and cedarwood. In other words, this eau de parfum is the epitome of a cozy autumn day.

Guerlain's Mon Guerlain is romance in a bottle. A tribute to sensual femininity inspired by Angelina Jolie, this eau de parfum blends its spicy, warm notes with jasmine, lavender, and vanilla for a sweet finish. If the fragrance wasn't enough, the quadrilobe bottle it comes in would look beyond chic on any vanity.

I wouldn't be true to myself without mentioning Chanel at least once. The household name's famous Coco Eau de Parfum uses key notes of clove, leather, sandalwood, and tonka bean to create an irresistible fragrance inspired by the intensity of Gabrielle Chanel's personality and her love for all things baroque.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian fans—this one's for you. Thanks to the brand's popularity on social media, there's a good chance you've been introduced to its best-selling Baccarat Rouge 540, but maybe not the brand's Aqua Vitae fragrance. It includes gorgeous notes of lemon, mandarin, hedione, and tonka bean that create a memorable fragrance reminiscent of cinnamon.

Tom Ford's expansive eau de parfum collection has also been trending. Hop on the bandwagon with its Jasmin Rouge Eau de Parfum. This sweet and sensual scent is crafted from a blend of jasmine, dusk clary sage, a mix of spices, and white and black peppercorn for a bold, spiced-floral scent that's worth the hefty price tag.

I'm a huge fan of Byredo. The brand's newest launch, Eyes Closed, is crafted from the unexpected pairing of patchouli and papyrus as well as key notes of orris butter, ginger, carrot, and candied spices. (Yes, cinnamon happens to be one of them.)

Is anyone surprised another amazing Maison Margiela scent made this list? By the Fireplace smells exactly like its name: delightfully smoky, spicy, and comforting. It features spices that are blended with vibrant notes of orange flower, vanilla, chestnut, and cashmeran. 

Other Spicy Perfumes

Heretic's unisex Dirty Hinoki Eau de Parfum boasts woody spices with a blend of hinoki wood, bright citrus, and crushed herbs for an earthy, plant-based scent that evokes the peacefulness of the woods. While this fragrance is definitely earthy, it's the spiciness of the herbs that provides it with warmth.

Paying tribute to Chanel's birthday, August 19, this eau de parfum was the last fragrance launched and worn by the brand's founder. It's composed of woody vetiver balanced with soft white musk for a floral, powdery fragrance with an added layer of warmth. 

I've also been loving Nest New York's Indigo Eau de Parfum for the colder months. Offering cool spices, this exotic fragrance is crafted from a blend of Italian lemon, Moroccan tea, orange bergamot, wild figs, and Kasmir wood. Dark, warm, and rich, this eau de parfum is definitely one to add to your wish list.

Here's another brilliant hinoki wood scent to consider. Boy Smells' Hinoki Fantôme evokes the spirit of exploring ancient forests with a bold and romantic mix of jasmine petals, woodland oakmoss, hinoki, and frankincense. It's a well-balanced fragrance that's perfect for everyday wear.

Lastly, Chanel's Chance Eau de Parfum. This award-winning scent is bright, warm, and floral with a stunning blend of jasmine, pink pepper, vanilla, musk, and iris. It's an enchanting fragrance that you can count on me to wear time and again.