The 3 Details That Make the Perfect Tee, According to Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham T-shirt


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It seems like finding the perfect T-shirt is consistently at the top of every fashion girl’s list. Searching for the covetable wardrobe staple is not an easy task, and Victoria Beckham agrees with us. While attending a recent dinner celebrating her collection with Reebok (launching later this year), we had the chance to chat with Posh Spice and found out the three details she looks for in a classic white T-shirt.

“It’s really, really hard to find the perfect T-shirt, and actually, this is one of my T-shirts that I’ve created. Every time I wear a simple white T-shirt, someone will always say, ‘where’s your T-shirt from?’ It’s a simple white T-shirt. You would think you could get it anywhere, but you can’t. For me, I like my T-shirts to be a little oversize, but not too much. I like them to be crisp, a T-shirt where the jersey doesn’t crease too much, and something that’s partly masculine in shape. I don’t like scoop necks, so I’m quite obsessive about these things. When I was at fashion week, every day I wore a white T-shirt and a different pair of jeans, and people would constantly ask me, ‘where’s that T-shirt from?’ It’s a simple thing, but it’s hard to find the perfect T-shirt,” she explained.

Beckham added, “I didn’t even have it in a collection. I just made it for myself, and then I put it in the collection because so many people were asking for it.” Shop the T-shirt she made for her collection below plus more tees that pass VB’s quality check.

Available in sizes XS to L.

Available in sizes XS to L.

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