The #1 Outfit Combination to Wear on Every Flight

There certainly isn’t a “correct way” to dress for a day of travel. Essentially, everyone has their own idea of what works best for them. But when it comes to what we like to wear (and what a lot of celebs prefer), there is one formula that works well.

It’s really all about balance. You need something that’s equal parts comfortable and stylish. This includes items that fit you and make you feel confident (you never know who you’ll see at the airport!) but that are also relaxed enough to allow you to sit in a tiny plane seat for hours. The outfit formula that best sums this up? Stretchy pants (either jeans or leggings), a cozy T-shirt or blouse, a light jacket (it gets chilly on the plane!), and whatever shoes are easiest for you, like sneakers.

Keep scrolling to check out more on the anatomy of the perfect travel outfit. Plus, see some of our favorite celebs putting this look to the test. You can also go a bit further to shop airplane-friendly items, too.

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