Is This the Denim Trend 2017 Will Be Remembered For?

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Ever stared at someone and tried to pinpoint what makes them so chic? When it’s not as obvious as a designer slip-on, it can be hard to decipher exactly what was mixed and matched to create the covetable finish. Enter our new series, Mix Masters, dedicated to cracking the style code of our favorite It girls. We’ve teamed up with 7 for All Mankind to ensure that we address the one thing we all wear on rotation: denim.


Pari Ehsan knows a thing or two about balancing style inspiration with a strong sense of self. The New York–based founder and creative director of Pari Dust is notorious for her photos hung in galleries, her every outfit styled to perfectly complement the art featured alongside her.

We’ll admit that our daily struggle to get dressed pales in comparison to Ehsan’s challenge of mastering consistently on-brand, on-trend, art-inspired looks—so who better to turn to for some style advice? For this installment of Mix Masters, we asked Ehsan to pull on her favorite 7 for All Mankind pieces and show us where denim, art, and trends collide.

Could your style do with a little creative flair? Take a dive into the world of Pari Dust as she gives us some words to live by.



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The mention of the Spice Girls in the same sentence as "great style” is usually a reference to the second coming of Victoria Beckham—but not when you’re chatting with Ehsan. With her braided hair twisted into what she calls "a hint of Björk,” Ehsan unapologetically wears her bright cap of flowers. "I’m crazy for DIY Technicolor hair,” she smiles.

The world needs art, and fashion is expressive.

In an industry that often celebrates nonchalance, Ehsan is truly a breath of fresh air: totally candid, thoroughly enthused, and ready to wax lyrical about the intersection of art and fashion. "I feel the connection between the realms now more than ever,” she shares. "It’s what excites me and shifts my perceptions and gives me hope and purpose.” Her message is clear: Indulge in style that invigorates you, and make sure you’re having a good time.



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Ehsan tells us she builds her looks so the "drama can unfold” as the day progresses. "I start off minimal, with a twist,” she shares, wearing more subdued denim over a nude bodysuit. Later in the day, she says it might occur to her to experiment a bit, restyling a piece rather than getting changed. "I might turn the jacket into a top by taking my arms out of the sleeves and tying them around my chest for a corset effect.”

Every day is different. That’s the ideal.

For Ehsan, it’s important to have versatile denim pieces to play with and restyle on a whim. "It could be as the day progresses, or the week, or my mood,” she says. She notes that the boyfriend jacket is her number one essential: "It’s the perfect fall, spring, and in-between jacket. I wear it on its own, or underneath a puffer vest when it’s a little more chilly.” And if a nude bodysuit feels like something you want to work up to, a classic white tee will pair perfectly in the meantime.



(Image credit: Kevin Lu)

How does Ehsan feel about trends? "Im not against them, she tells us. "I like the ideas they represent. For spring, theres excitement over the 80s revival shes spotted on the runways, particularly when it comes to accentuated shoulders and oversize jackets.

I believe nostalgia is important to art in any capacity.

However, a nod to the past is never at the expense of her personal style. "For every style there is a season, she shrugs. "But I just gravitate toward what I do. Speaking of doing what she does best, Ehsan tells us that The Brooklyn Museums Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern exhibition sprung to mind when she first caught a glimpse of 7 for All Mankind’s floral-embroidered denim. Featuring OKeeffes personal wardrobe displayed among her floral paintings, the upcoming exhibition will have Ehsan feeling right at home.

Let us know how you style your embroidered denim!

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