The Most Flattering Pants for Your Body Type

We recognize that determining your body type can be aggravating. There’s no universal index of key terms or measurements and even if you find a system you like (check out ours), it doesn’t always apply to the article of clothing you’re trying to flatter your figure with. For example: it may be helpful to know you’re an inverted triangle when searching for a blazer, but what does that mean for skirts? Or trousers? And what do you do if you identify with more than one body type? Oh, the confusion!

We’ll cut to the chase: we know you most likely understand what flatters your figure best, but we also know there are a lot of options for trousers in the world, and because we’re going into autumn (finally!) we thought we’d highlight a few pant silhouettes that will keep you looking amazing based on your shape. Scroll down for our suggestions, and if you have any you want to share be sure to chime in in the comments!

The Shape: Tall and Straight


Style du Monde

If you have a boyish shape, opt for a pair of high-waist pants that define your midsection. They'll draw attention to and flatter the area between your shoulders and hips effortlessly. If you like accessorizing, you can also add a belt like Veronika Heilbrunner.

The Shape: Apple or Pear


Girl With Curves

For women who have a fuller midsection, wide-leg trousers are fantastic for elongating the silhouette. We particularly love how Tanesha Awasthi of Girl With Curves incorporated hers into a power dressing ensemble. 

The Shape: Hourglass


Style du Monde

A pair of cropped trousers are fitting for a hourglass silhouette because they don't appear overhwelming on the figure. A slight flare can also help accentuate curves in the right places.

The Shape: Plus Size


Garner Style

For plus-size ladies who are looking for the perfect pair of pants, we suggest turning to mid-rise trousers with slight tapering at the hem. A wide-leg may overpower the look and a skinny silhouette could create imbalanced proportions. Chastity Garner-Valentine of Garner Style hit the nail on the head with these silky drawstring pants.

The Shape: Petite


Collage Vintage

Teeny frame? No problem! Go for straight-leg trousers. They’ll add length without creating too much volume to your lower half. A pair with front pleats are also helpful for elongating the silhouette.

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Did you find this guide helpful? Did we not cover your body shape? Let us know so we can make sure you find your perfect pair of pants for fall!