9 Effortless Outfits I'm Copying Right Now

One thing you might not know: ShopStyle is a major resource here at Who What Wear HQ. It's where we all go to find market products for our stories. We can search, say, "cowboy boots" and see basically every decent pair the web has to offer at different price points, from NET-A-PORTER to H&M (and then trigger a sale alert on our faves so we get an email the second they get discounted).

Anyway, I only got savvy to all this and more after sitting next to my work wife/secret podcast host Shaina, with whom I share a mutual love of blazers and general style-sharing—we secretly high-five when we show up at meetings in accidentally matching (and therefore equally awesome) outfits. She worked at ShopStyle before coming to Who What Wear, and while she was visibly appalled I hadn't been using all the perks of the site to my full advantage, she was kind enough to school me. Thanks, Shaina.

As a couple of shameless outfit copiers (or as I like to think of it, "outfit celebrators"), we find it superrrr strange when people take issue with someone buying the same things they have. Greedy, greedy, greedy. As evidenced in my DMs, I'll happily give up the links to anything I'm wearing; I happen to think it's cool to share the love. Spreading the word about a new brand so more people can support it? Beholding unadulterated joy when someone learns that the boots they assumed were $$$$ are actually from Mango (and still available online)? Guys, those are some good feels.

Which is why I'm here to share my shortlist of highly wearable things worth buying this season—basically the purchases I get hit up about the most. And YES, all of them are unashamedly inspired by the outfits of the cool babes I style-stalk on Instagram (all of whom subscribe to this "sharing is caring" belief system and conveniently make their outfits shoppable on ShopStyle). I'm throwing in snaps of the nine influencer outfits that inspired these purchases, plus my picks for high/low options—curated in about two seconds with the help of ShopStyle, obviously—to speak to your current mood for splurging or saving, as the case may be.