The Who What Wear Australia 30 Day Summer Wardrobe Challenge

Stuck for outfit ideas to get you through the last month of summer? Same here. It can get tedious throwing on an easy breezy dress and feeling like you're 'done'. Especially when all the new season product is landing in store. Bypassing the soft new leather jackets (because it's still 35 degrees), and opting for a crisp linen shirt instead can be tough for fashion gals.

To help breathe new life into your wardrobe, we're inviting you to take part in the Who What Wear Australia 30-Day Summer Wardrobe Challenge

We've found 30 new outfit ideas that you can try now and all through the last month of summer. Share what you're wearing with us on Instagram with the hashtag #WWWSummer30

Click through to discover 30 new outfit ideas.


Day 1
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Raid your brother's, dad's, husband's or boyfriend's closet and pair a short sleeve collared shirt (preferably Hawaiian print) tucked into a denim skirt.


Day 2
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Swap out your handbag for a bold oversized clutch for day.


Day 3
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Have about a million collared shirts in your wardrobe? Do a little DIY work and cut the sleeves off one to make it feel fresh.


Day 4
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Wear one of your 'going out' tops with jeans for day.


Day 5
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Go on, match your heels to your dress. 


Day 6
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

White lace and summer are a perfect match. Add fine gold chokers to give it a 2017 spin.


Day 7
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

A lesson in how to wear Converse with just about anything.


Day 8
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Mix seasons with a fluffy knit and lightweight pants.


Day 9
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

If you haven't yet taken a pair of scissors to a pair of jeans, this is the time to do it.


Day 10
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Who would've thought leopard print and gingham would work so well together?


Day 11
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

You know that special dress in your closet? Whip it out and actually wear it.


Day 12
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Pick your favourite colour in your wardrobe and wear it head to toe.


Day 13
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Everyone has at least one hard-to-wear piece in their wardrobe. Work out what it is that makes it wearable (like adding a swimming costume underneath maybe?), and do it.


Day 14
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Accessorise your outfit to perfection.


Day 15
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

Feel confident wearing a sheer tee over a bra.


Day 16
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

It might still be summer, but find ways to wear some of your winter pieces early. A heavy sleeveless vest? Belt it, and wear it as a dress.


Day 17
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Practice your layering skills.


Day 18
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Top tip: Your plain sports bra can double as a crop top.


Day 19
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

When all outfit ideas are out the window, go for a jumpsuit.


Day 20
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

Layer long, soft silky pieces.


Day 21
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Visit a thrift store and search for patchwork denim.


Day 22
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

Tie a bandanna onto your basket bag.


Day 23
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

We're thinking it's time to embrace animal print again.


Day 24
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Double up both your wrists with bracelets and bring back the arm party.


Day 25
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Get creative and use a tie from another piece of clothing as a belt.


Day 26
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

Wear black boots with a pastel floral dress.


Day 27
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

Make your beach dress work for after hours with a pair of polished brogues.


Day 28
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

Mix unexpected colours like khaki and neon.


Day 29
(Image credit: Imaxtree)

This look proves why you should always try the unexpected. Hawaiian and lace? Yep.


Day 30
(Image credit: Collage Vintage)

The new way to wear a business shirt? Tied up and slouched back off your shoulders.

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Amanda Bardas