I Tried the "Next Big Thing" From Outdoor Voices


(Image credit: @aemiliafay)

"Doing Things" has long been the motto of Outdoor Voices, but the brand is slowly proving activity after activity, that it's not just about doing, but it's about doing it better. The latest launch from team OV is a collection created with the runner in mind. Since it's a personal goal to jog at least twice a week, I figured that I'm just the person to give its new collection a try.

What makes the collection particularly perfect? The brand tapped frequent runners to find out what they wanted, and the result is two new fabrics dubbed EcoMesh and LightSpeed. Founder Ty Haney also cites her love of running as further inspiration. "For me, it's about getting out as often as I can," she said via email. "Running keeps me focused and energized, so I try to find time for it every day—even if it's a quick lap around the block." The collection hits from head to toe, ranging from sports bras and tops to shorts (and skorts!) to sunglasses and even a footwear collaboration with sneaker brand Hoka.

I had the chance to test three of the new items, the tank, the shorts, and the sneakers. The clothing was extremely breathable, and I liked the comfort of the top's high neck and the scooped sleeve openings. The shorts were lightweight and had a handy zip pocket for phone and keys (necessary for when I leave my apartment to run along the river in NYC). While I tend to prefer simple, black shorts, the lighter colors were fun, especially for spring. As for the shoes, they're a classic style by Hoka, the Clifton 4, in OV-specific colors. It's not often I'd use the word "stylish" to describe running shoes, but I think these fit the bill.

So whether you're a casual jogger, sprinter, or hey—speed walker, below you can shop OV's collection designed with you in mind.

Aemilia Madden