6 Outdated Trends We're Leaving Behind and 6 We're Wearing in 2023



The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to say to yourself, "Out with the old, and in with the new." While my New Year's resolutions center around ditching bad habits like too much screen time, I'm also focusing on my wins and losses over the past year. Since I'm a fashion editor, trends are always on the brain, and there just might be a few that I bought into that I'm just not wearing anymore.

I had a feeling my co-workers felt the same way, and I realized we're just a bit overdue for the annual chat we have about the trends we're ditching at the start of the New Year. Below, six fashion editors confess to those regrettable purchases and the "so last year" trends they're just not loving anymore.

Skipping: Micro Bags
Shopping: Slouchy Styles

"Slouchy bags have been on the menu for a minute now, but this year, bigger shapes that are ideal for everyday wear are what I'm prioritizing, especially the styles from brands like Khaite and Ree Projects, who are making some of the coolest versions. Sorry, but practicality is winning in 2023, and therefore, micro mini bags are losing out for fashion insiders and myself."

Skipping: Boring Block Heels
Shopping: Sky-High Stilettos



"It's been a gradual shift, but I've ceased buying block heels until further notice. I know that particular shape is easier on the feet, but converting to stiletto boots, mules, sandals, etc., is a sacrifice I'm willing to make. A skinny heel just looks more modern and is compatible with the bulk of my outfits nowadays."



"Bucket hats are a trend that has gotten a bit oversaturated for me. I still love them in theory, but I'll be benching them for a while. A trend that I'm excited to wear is very minimal, sculptural tube tops."

Skipping: Flashy Y2K Momentos
Shopping: Timeless Styles



"While Y2K everything is clearly still a thing, I feel like I've been there and did that enough during the actual year 2000. For 2023, I'm much more drawn to minimalistic, timeless styles—think Totême, The Row, and Prada."

Skipping: Lug-Sole Boots
Shopping: Moto-Inspired Boots

"While I'm still into lug-sole boots, it's the styles with the super-exaggerated soles that I'll be wearing less and less of. I'm very into moto-inspired boots this year."

Skipping: Balaclava-Style Hoods
Shopping: Faux-Fur Accessories

When I see a cool-girl trend all over my Instagram feed, I'm quick to click add to cart and give it a whirl myself. A big part of my job is test-driving new trends and finding out if they're worth it or not, so I never wait to give something new a try. After a lot of peer pressure from my social media pages, I finally gave the balaclava a try. It just looked so cool. I don't know if it's just my face shape or the balaclavas that I purchased, but this trend didn't really work out for me personally. I know quite a few people who are still wearing it, but I just never got there. Instead, I'm currently loving the faux-fur accessories I'm seeing everywhere. The white furry headband below has completely replaced my beanies from last season, and it's genuinely all that I want to wear now.