If You Want a Major Wardrobe Glow-Up in 2022, Phase Out These 6 Shoe Trends

There's nothing like the start of a new season to inspire me to hit refresh in every facet of my life. Whether it's enlisting in a new fitness class, redecorating my apartment for the fifth time, or cleaning out my closet, I'm ready for a major glow-up. First up? My closet. Well, more specifically, my shoe wardrobe. With all the fresh trends on deck for the rest of 2022, my attention is focused on all the new styles I want to try during the year ahead, but naturally, that also means I'm putting a few outdated shoe trends on the chopping block to make room.

Below, I'm highlighting the six styles that I'll be retiring and sharing the new shoe staples that are replacing them. Of course, this is based on my own personal preferences, and you should take these recommendations with a grain of salt—by all means, wear what makes you happy. But you've found yourself here whether it's in the interest of refreshing your closet this year or out of morbid curiosity (hey, no judging), so with all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the shoe trends I'll be phasing out for the remainder of the year. 

Knee-high boots are quite possibly my favorite fall-and-winter trend of all time. I especially love how they look paired with miniskirts and an oversize sweater. Their structured shape lends some polish to any look, something that's harder to accomplish when styling slouchy boots. I'd recommend phasing those out for a pair like the ones below.

Much has been said about the death of heels over the past two years, but if you ask me, classic heels will never truly die despite certain details that may come in and out of style. Right now, I'd say it's all about a return to sleek slingback pumps, especially with the popularity of Saint Laurent's metal-cap-toe pair that is sweeping Instagram. If you're going to replace the heels with anything already in your closet, consider swapping them for round-toe pumps, which don't feel quite as fresh in 2022.

Sneaker trends tend to fly by at the speed of light, so it can seem overwhelming to try and keep up. However, there's one big sneaker trend that I can definitively say is no longer resonating, and that is clunky platform sneakers. Their replacement? Retro '90s sneakers by the likes of New Balance and Reebok, which go effortlessly with everything from jeans to trousers.



Given the cultural reckoning on items like skinny jeans, I wouldn't be surprised if boots with chunky block heels were next on the chopping block. While they long reigned as the ankle-boot style of choice, I think 2022 is the year that boots with chunky platform soles—equally as wearable and even more comfortable—replace them.

I was cleaning out my closet recently and came across a pair of backless loafers that I wore a ton in 2016 and 2017. Now, years later, I'm gravitating toward more classic loafers with a timeless shape instead of the trendier slip-ons.

There's something about ankle-strap heels that remind me of attending my high-school homecoming (I think it's because the style was so popular back then). Regardless, I've essentially stopped wearing the style. Instead, minimalist mules have been capturing my attention. The ankle-baring shape naturally elongates the look of your legs and makes for the perfect finish to dresses and skirts. They're definitely the updated staples I'll be wearing on repeat this year.

This story was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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