It's Cutting Season—10 Dated Sandals We're Retiring and Their Chic Replacements


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Welcome to high summer. By this time, your outfit rotation probably looks something like denim cutoffs, simple tank tops, and sandals—lots of sandals. When you're beelining to the nearest pool in sight, strolling through the park, or enjoying an outdoor happy hour, sandals pretty much cover all your summertime bases. That's why we're here to ensure your shoe collection is as up-to-date as possible.

Curious as to which sandal styles you should ditch to upgrade your wardrobe? I asked Who What Wear editors to name the outdated sandal trends they're breaking up with this summer and, of course, which trends you can find them wearing on repeat instead. Let's face it. We'll wear our sandals to death from now until September, so if you haven't found your ideal pair (or two or three pairs) yet, there's no time like the present.

Ahead, see which sandal trends we're replacing and shop the styles we plan to wear instead. 

Retiring: Velcro Sandals

Buying: Metal-Hardware Sandals


I'm hitting pause on my Velcro sandals at the moment. The sporty style is practical to have on hand, so I won't be ditching them completely. Instead, I'm favoring hardware-embellished sandals that offer a more interesting and elevated look. 


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Retiring: Puffy sandals

Replacing With: Minimalist sandals


"Puffy sandals are losing their hype, and even though they are extremely comfortable, my attention has been drawn to minimal strappy styles as they make for a much sleeker finish. Reminiscent of the '90s, this sandal style is the definition of effortless. My ideal sandals are from The Row, but luckily I've found several similar options for a fraction of the price." — Mayhew


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Retiring: Chunky-Sole Sandals

Buying: Raffia Sandals


"Chunky tread-sole sandals aren't something I'll be shopping for this summer. Instead, something more quintessentially summery is on my brain: raffia sandals. Prada has an amazing pair, but there are plenty of more affordable options out there at the moment." — Payer


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Retiring: Clear Sandals

Buying: Fisherman Sandals


"Maybe it's just me, maybe it's too many late nights wistfully looking at The Row, but I've been really into fisherman sandals as of late. While the woven style has long been the subject of ridicule by a ton of people (including myself), it only takes one good outfit to change your mind. For me, it happened when I saw a few cool girls wearing the style while on a coffee run in Nolita. I smell a rising trend here. If I were you, I'd hop on it before it's too late—mine are already en route to me. 

Do you know what's not chic? Foot sweat. That's what I think of when I see see-through sandals and slides. Perhaps I'm too jaded from the 2017 PVC sandal trend to fully embrace their imminent comeback in the name of nostalgia, but I'd be lying if I said these were single-handedly the shoes I regretted buying most. Plus, they're wildly uncomfortable. No thanks!" — Escalante


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Retiring: Gladiator sandals

Replacing With: Sleek wedges


"I'll be bypassing gladiator sandals this summer and opting for sleek and trend-forward wedges instead. I love the minimalist silhouettes and sculptural heels that are having a major moment this season and are easy to pair with dresses and jeans alike." — Jones


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Retiring: Clogs

Buying: Sculptural-Heeled Sandals


"I love statement sandals just as much as the next girl, but I'm entering my minimalist era this summer. I only want to wear effortless footwear that can be styled with everything in my wardrobe. That's why I'm choosing to pack away chunkier silhouettes like clogs or platforms and instead opting for sandals with a sculptural heel. What I love about this trend is that it's still got the dramatic feel that bigger platforms gave us, but feels a bit more contemporary." — Fox-Suliaman


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Retiring: Chunky Pool Slides

Buying: Sleek Leather Slides


"Chunky pool slides are cooling down in favor of super sleek silhouettes. Brands including Hermès and The Row have some of the most in-demand slide sandals this season—spanning from timeless and classic to minimal and modern designs—that are topping my shopping list." — Nichols


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Retiring: Platform Flip-Flops

Buying: Thong Sandals


"Platform flip-flops were all anyone in fashion wanted to wear for a while, but I never could understand the hype. One style I've always loved, even when everyone in New York City told me not to, are super-minimal thong sandals. I know they're controversial, but I simply adore the look of some relaxed denim, elevated flip flops, and a great tank in the summer. Well, all of those things and a standout bag and sunglasses." — Huber


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Retiring: Neon Bright Colors

Buying: Neutral Colors


"While I used to embrace colorful sandals and slides in neon hues, I'm gravitating toward simple slides in neutral colors this year to complete my chicest summer vibes." — Schuessler 


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Retiring: Platform Sandals

Buying: Simple Flat Sandals


"My summer ethos is less is more, especially in terms of sandals. I'm really into minimal sandals with ultra-thin straps and little embellishments, so I'm hitting pause on chunky platform sandals. The biggest pro about paring down is that minimal sandals are easier to stuff into your suitcase, leaving more space for cute clothes." — Brown


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