It's Over: 7 Sandal Trends We're Splitting Up With

Outdated sandal trends



Welcome to high summer. By this time, your outfit rotation probably looks something like this: denim cutoffs, simple tank tops, and sandals—lots of sandals. When you're beelining to the nearest pool in sight, strolling through the park, or enjoying an outdoor happy hour situation, sandals pretty much cover all your summertime bases, which is why we're here to ensure your shoe collection is as up to date as possible.

Curious as to which sandal styles you should ditch to upgrade your wardrobe? I asked Who What Wear editors to name the outdated sandal trends they're breaking up with this summer and, of course, which trends you can find them wearing on repeat instead. Let's face it, we'll be wearing our sandals to death from now until September, so if you haven't found your ideal pair (or two or three pairs) yet, there's no better time than the present.

Ahead, see which sandal trends we're naming as in and out and shop each one we're here for.

Breaking up with: Bulky flatform sandals

Wearing instead: High-heel flip-flops

"Bulky flatform sandals are dead to me, but I've allowed high-heel flip-flops into my wardrobe this season (never thought I'd be saying that a couple of years ago)."

Breaking up with: Basic slides

Wearing instead: Detailed sandals

"This season, I'm hoping to skip basic slides in favor of anything a little more interesting. Think snakeskin, strappy, or buckles."

Breaking up with: Sandals with ruffles

Wearing instead: Mid-heel sandals

"Just recently I got rid of a couple of pairs of sandals with ruffles on them. They feel a little girly and young at this point. Instead, I'll be opting for the midi heel sandals—a little taller than a kitten heel, but more walkable than a high heel."

Breaking up with: Espadrille sandals

Wearing instead: Strappy flats

"I'm putting my espadrilles on pause for the moment, and instead I'm wearing sleek strappy flats."

Breaking up with: Rubber flip-flops

Wearing instead: Lace-up sandals

"I totally am here for the flip-flop trend, but I have yet to wear my rubber ones and feel like I'm 100% pulled together. So I'll be putting those aside until further notice. Instead, I'm sticking to one of my favorite pairs of lace-up Tibi sandals but in a fresh new trendy color—pistachio!"

Breaking up with: Crisscross slides

Wearing instead: Toe-hugging sandals

"I'm hitting pause on my simple crossover slides at the moment. The simple style is great to have on hand, so I won't be ditching them per se. Instead, I'm favoring toe-hugging sandals that offer a more interesting look." 


Breaking up with: Light-colored sandals

Wearing instead: Darker tones

"I was obsessed with white, mint, and other light-colored sandals last summer, but the hassle of keeping them sparkling clean got really old. This summer I think I’ll give myself a break and stick with sandals in darker, lower-maintenance colors that don’t show dirt and scuff marks as easily. I have a pair of H&M kitten-heeled sandals in basic black that have been serving me well!"