6 Massive Trends That Will Die Out Before 2020 Arrives



We know you come to Who What Wear to get your download on all the key trends of the season and what to buy to nail each and every one. So it's only natural then that we keep you up to date on the trends that we're tossing aside, too. To make it as straightforward for you as possible, we're going to break down the trends that were everywhere at one point but are now dying out.

Ahead, we've identified six trends that were undeniably massive not too long ago but are hitting their expiration dates in 2020. Let me give you an example: Cropped jeans were the denim trend everyone owned (this editor included) in 2017 and into 2018, right? Well, I feel it's my journalistic duty to report on what's been replacing the jeans in the fashion world and in my own closet these days. If you like to stay on top of the latest trends, keep reading to see which outdated fashion trends to set aside and which to wear instead.

OUT: Dad Sneakers

IN: Retro Sneakers


(Image credit: @deborabrosa)

Clunky "dad" sneakers had a good run, but we're sensing that the huge trend is finally starting to cool off. As for what's replacing them? Retro sneakers, especially classic styles that have longevity, are becoming increasingly popular among celebs and fashion girls alike.

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OUT: Cropped Jeans

IN: Longer Hemlines


(Image credit: @raeannlangas)

Cropped jeans are great and all, but I think it's time to give our ankles a break. As we move into 2020, the biggest denim style will be full-length hems that look especially good worn with a bit of a heel.

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OUT: Neon

IN: Neutral Tones


(Image credit: @lefevrediary)

Admittedly, neon hues were intimidating and hard to style, so we're not surprised that the bright colors didn't have a huge lifespan. Shades of beige, cream, and tan have completely taken over by now, and "boring" as they may seem, they make for some beautifully elevated ensembles.

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OUT: Dainty Jewelry Stacks

IN: Substantial Chunky Pieces


(Image credit: @cassdimicco)

Gone are the days of wearing a zillion dainty necklaces and rings stacked on top of each other. Now, you'll find fashion girls going for just a few statement jewelry pieces, such as a chain-link necklace or sculptural earrings.

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OUT: Sock Boots

IN: Knee-High Boots


(Image credit: @erinoffduty)

You'd have to be living under a rock not to notice that knee-high boots are pretty much everywhere. Whether heeled or flat, finished in animal print or plain, they're completely dominating right now, and we suspect they'll continue to do so well into next year. The one boot style we're not expecting to last into 2020? Sock boots. The ankle-clinging style is simply one we've seen less and less of.

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IN: Leather and Croc-Effect Bags


(Image credit: @angelafink)

As with a lot of the trends on this list, classic is the keyword here. All the bags of the moment share one thing in common: They'll still be in style years from now thanks to sleek leather and timeless croc-effect finishing. We couldn't really say the same of see-through PVC bags, as fun as they were.

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