Olivia Wilde Breastfeeds In Glamour Magazine: See The Photo

You may have heard the buzz going 'round the Internet about a little spread Glamour magazine did featuring bombshell actress Olivia Wilde, who covers their September issue. The 30-year-old new mother sat down to chat with the magazine about her life as a new mum to son Otis—and she also posed for a photo that's stirring up quite the controversy.

In the Patick Demarchelier-shot spread, which you can see here, Wilde openly breastfeeds her son while sitting in a diner in a Roberto Cavalli dress. The topic of public breastfeeding has been one of contention for some time now, with people on both sides of the issue loudly raising their opinions on the subject. And the "Free the Nipple" campaign—of which Cara Delevingne, among others, is a supporter—aims to make it legal for women to show their nipples in public just as men do. All of which means: this Glamour spread is very topical and relevant at the moment, and is bound to generate opinions from all sides.

"Being shot with Otis is so perfect because any portrait of me right now isn't complete without my identity as a mother being a part of that," Wilde told Glamour of being shot while breastfeeding him. "Breastfeeding is the most natural thing. I don't know, now it feels like Otis should always be on my breast. It felt like we were capturing that multifaceted woman we've been discussing—that we know we can be. You can be someone who is at once maternal and professional and sexy and self-possessed. [But] I mean, I certainly don't really look like that when I'm [typically] breast-feeding. And there's usually a diaper involved."

So, what do you think of Wilde breastfeeding in her shoot for Glamour? Sound off in the comments below!

Meghan Blalock
Managing Editor

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