Olivia Palermo's Trench Trick Is So Chic

Since jacket season is officially upon us (!) there’s a question we ponder every morning before walking out the door: Should we drape our jacket over our shoulders or should we actually put our sleeves to use? Today (and really, most days) for Olivia Palermo, the answer is the former. However, despite this being a go-to move for the style star, and despite other outerwear styling moves in the air, this latest iteration caught our eyes. Actually, it nearly tricked our eyes.

Choosing a soft, light, midi-length trench coat with tons of movement, Palermo’s over-the-shoulder drape feels especially cool. Instead of the typical boxy look that comes from resting the stitching of your jacket shoulders atop your own, this one drapes almost like a blanket or thin cape. The trick is selecting a jacket that’s not overly tailored, defined, or bulky. Plus, of course, Palermo’s choice of texture mix-up beneath with a ribbed sweater and leather cropped pants complements the jacket’s loose silhouette perfectly.

Perhaps this style move doesn’t totally reinvent the wheel, but we’re certainly all for a fresh update on a classic. And especially when it yields chic, effortless, and fall breeze–friendly results.

Scroll down to check out the complete ensemble.



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