This Jacket Styling Trick Isn't Over Yet, According to Olivia Palermo

As you may recall, before everyone started wearing their jackets off their shoulders and around their elbows (à la Gigi Hadid), they were wearing them draped over their shoulders. This jacket styling method became so ubiquitous that it actually became noteworthy when stylish women would wear their jackets and coats with their arms in the sleeves. But as it goes when a trend becomes very mainstream, the styling trick became less of a hot topic and more of a common occurrence.

But in case you were wondering if the shoulder drape trend had faded from view, Olivia Palermo just proved while attending the Topshop Unique show at London Fashion Week that it clearly has not. Palermo draped a striped sequined bomber jacket from the brand over a white sweater and looked like the coolest girl in the room while she was at it. In fact, she wore a jacket draped over her shoulders on another occasion while at LFW as well, further proving the staying power of the styling trick.

The bomber jacket, still available for just $140, is the ideal style for the shoulder drape, given the fluidity of the fabric. Not only that, the graphic striped bomber feels undoubtedly current, which in turn makes the old favorite styling trick feel fresh.

Keep scrolling to see Palermo rocking the draped jacket look and shop her cool Topshop jacket before it sells out!

Olivia Palermo LFW Topshop Unique show


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On Olivia Palermo: Topshop Stripe Sequin Bomber Jacket ($140); Paige Amory Sweater ($239).

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