These Jeans Seriously Look Good on Everyone

If finding an amazing pair of jeans at an equally amazing price seems like something that only happens in your fantasy life, allow us to wake you up from your dreams and let you in on one of our best-kept secrets: Old Navy jeans. The retailer has changed the way we buy denim by ditching the traditional one-style-fits-all motto, and we're truly grateful. Instead, it offers a full range of sizes and lengths (not to mention over 200 washes) so there really is something for everyone—curvy, tall, and petite women included.

Girl With Curves, aka Tanesha Awasthi (who is no stranger to the struggle that is jean shopping), also got the Old Navy denim memo. Here she's sharing her secrets for finding the perfect jeans and her go-to denim uniform (complete with her favorite spring bags).

Awasthi first fell in love with denim after purchasing a pair of '70s-inspired bell-bottoms at a thrift store in high school. "I thought I was super cool because while everyone else was wearing baggy wide-legs, I was dressing like the models I saw in magazines," she tells us. She even turned her hobby of collecting vintage jeans into a side hustle by reselling her favorite flea market finds straight out of her backpack.

Although she insists she'd still wear her beloved bell-bottoms today, Awasthi now leans more toward skinny styles. "I love a skinny all day, every day—there's something about a formfitting silhouette I feel best in," she says. (We feel you, girl.) As for the fit, she says this pair won her over because it provides the perfect balance of structure and stretch.

Her go-to skinny-jean uniform is one we should all start utilizing for low-lift, high-style dressing. As evidenced here, it consists of great-fitting denim, neutral heels, and an of-the-moment basket bag. Allow your personal style to shine through by way of different tees and tops—no one will ever notice that you're essentially wearing the same outfit combination on repeat. Genius.

Awasthi's biggest denim dilemma is the same cry we hear from fashion girls around the world—"the annoying gapping at the waist or unbearably tight fit across the hips." The struggle is real, but not with this pair. "I love how they skim the body without being too tight," she says of this cropped straight-leg style. "That's hard to find with curves like mine!"

We also appreciate that she's embraced all ranges of washes despite once fearing lighter shades. "I stayed away from [them] for a long time because of the whole 'lighter colors make larger things look wider' rule," she explains. "But as I got older, I realized my hips were wide no matter what color I dressed them in, so I learned to wear what I love versus strictly what's 'flattering.'"

"I can't wear something unless I feel amazing in it, and these jeans made the cut by a landslide—even my husband liked them," Awasthi tells us. While the verdict is still out on if her hubby equally loved her cool raffia wedges and oversize tote, we're over here making Saturday brunch plans (patio table, please!) so we can break out these exact accessories.