8 Trends the NYC Fashion Set Will Be Wearing Come Spring

I just finished attending the fall/winter 2022 season of New York Fashion Week, so I'm feeling pretty inspired by what I saw on the streets from the fashion set, especially from those who are already based in NYC. Despite it being February, the first few days were at a perfect 60°, so I luckily got to see a peak of spring fashion, and I have to say I already want this cold weather to disappear immediately. While I love to follow trends from cities like Copenhagen and Paris, the style from New York just always seems more effortless and combines fashion and function better than any other.

Ahead, see the eight spring trends—from chunky platforms to colors that'll have you standing out in the crowd—stylish New Yorkers will be wearing when the weather starts to get a tad warmer. 

Kelly Green

New York City Spring Trends: Kelly Green



On the streets of NYC, I saw no shortage of kelly green. As we saw, 2021 was big for the bright color, and it's only getting bigger this year. 

Sky-High Platforms

New York City Spring Trends: Platforms



Heels aren't the most ideal for trotting around NYC, but if you are one for heels, platforms are the way to go.

Saturated Shades

New York City Spring Trends: Saturate Shades



I've always been scared to opt for extremely saturated shades, but after seeing all the street style this past week, I'm ready for all the colors this spring. Play with colors throughout the whole look or opt for a statement accessory—it's all up to you.

Biker Jackets

New York City Spring Trends: Biker Jackets



Biker jackets are by no means new, but they trickled out of mass popularity for a short period. I'm predicting more of an oversize fit will be favored, so try to size up.

Sporty Sunglasses

New York City Spring Trends: Sporty Sunglasses



Fellow editor Eliza Huber has been championing the sporty-sunglasses style for quite some time, and it seems like the rest of the city is catching on. It adds such a cool element to any simple 'fit.

Cargo Pants

New York City Spring Trends: Cargo Pants



Comfort is key when it comes to NYC style, and cargo pants perfectly meet that requirement. 

Micro Miniskirts

New York City Spring Trends: Micro Miniskirts



You can thank Miu Miu for the wave of micro minis.

Quilted Jackets

While I wish I could completely ditch outerwear for good the second spring hits, I know there will be some sort of transitional weather. NYC girls will definitely be trading in their black puffer jackets for quilted versions.