I Live in NYC, and These Early Fall Picks Are All I Want to Wear

I may be in the minority here, but I'll say it loud and I'll say it proud: I am ready for summer to end and fall to begin. Sure, that's probably in part because I've already returned from my vacation time and waiting for the subway in New York right now is akin to taking a swim in a hot tub and emerging looking like a wet rat, but you know what? I don't really need an excuse to embrace autumn because it's divine with a capital D. You get to wear cozy sweaters and sleek boots, and experimenting with different layering combinations is encouraged thanks to comfortably cool temperatures. It's my favorite time of year for style, and you can bet that I've got my eye on some key pieces to kick things off.

Before we get started on the good part (shopping), a bit of context. Because I live in New York City, it's important to keep in mind that versatility and comfort are always going to reign supreme on my list of wardrobe requirements. This usually means investing in pieces that are slightly better-made so they can withstand the elements of city life, like finicky weather and the wear and tear that commuting has on your clothing and accessories. Though I'm always good for indulging in new trends, I'm mostly concerned with the essentials in my closet right now. If you're on the same track, continue ahead to peruse my NYC fall shopping list for fashion girls near and far.

Sleek Flats

I know I mentioned boots earlier, but in truth, I'm currently on the hunt for a seriously beautiful pair of flats that can be quickly dressed up or down. Currently on my radar are loafers, square-toe flats, and anything on the chunkier, punkish side of the spectrum.

Plaid Pieces

What would fall be without plaid? That's a world I don't want to know. This seasonal pattern just feels right come autumn, which is why I'm reaching for everything from puff-sleeve dresses to oversize blazers in a timeless check.

Lingerie Refresh

I recently went to the trouble of finding out what my actual bra cup size was (hint: I've been wearing the wrong size all along), and now all I want to do is restock my lingerie drawer for fall. Are you with me?

New Denim

This one's a no-brainer but new season, new denim. This time around, I'm slipping into a combination of high-rise straight jeans, bootcut silhouettes, and wide legs (aka not a skinny in sight).

Shoulder Bag

I've been carrying the same straw bag around for the last four months, and though I'll keep it in the rotation a while longer, I'm definitely investing in a new, sturdier purse for the months ahead. Details like croc-effect leather and resin bag chains are at the top of my wish list.

Crisp Shirting

Despite my affinity for trying out a new trend or two (hello, slouchy boots), I know myself well enough to know that I need to ensure my closet has sufficient bread and butter, like crisp button-down shirts in neutral hues. Start with a flattering base and build from there.

Natural Jewelry

I've been thoroughly enjoying the natural component of summer's seashell and baroque pearl trend, so it's only fitting that for fall I'm switching to wood textures to keep the nature theme alive.

Bright Knits

I especially love early fall because it's that sweet spot when you can get away with wearing a sweater and not a coat. Enjoy it while you still have time, folks.


To me, nothing screams chic more than an earth-toned midi sweaterdress. I'll be buying several.

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