7 Nostalgic Thanksgiving Outfits We'll Never Be Over


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There are a lot of things we have to thank the television shows of our past—or, in some cases, rerun marathons—for, including certain catchphrases that never get old or an archive of iconic hairstyles of the time (Kelly Kapowski bangs, anyone?). Of course, we may be biased, but as we rewatch these shows, our eyes tend to gravitate toward the sartorial choices of each character. Though some may feel a little more appropriate for Halloween, others seem like perfect nostalgic outfits for another holiday: Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving or not, you can always count on television to provide a substantial amount of outfit inspiration. But if we’re being honest, these older shows are the ones checking off all the boxes for our holiday weekend wardrobe. With cozy knits, a fall color palette, and floral prints, these shows nailed the trends back then, and we still can’t get over how good they are now. Take a note from some of our favorite shows below while you’re planning your outfit for the big feast. Trust us: You’ll get so many compliments on these TV-inspired looks.

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