Fran Drescher Is My Unlikely Fall Muse

I grew up watching The Nanny in the ’90s and, like anyone watching, can never forget the outfits of Fran Fine. Recently, it’s been all too clear that I’m not the only one thinking about the iconic fashion from the show. In September, The Cut posted a photo of Fran Drescher in one of her outfits from the show, remarking how on point her style is: “screenshot and remember that this is Grade A #falloutfitresearch.” A week later, Cardi B posted an Instagram photo wearing head-to-toe animal print, captioned “Fran Drescher in @dolcegabbana”—an homage to Fran Fine’s similar outfits on The Nanny.

Taking things a step further, there’s an entire Instagram account dedicated to all of Fran Fine’s outfits from The Nanny. Meet @whatfranwore. Here, you’ll find not only some of the most memorable looks from the show but also details about exactly what she’s wearing. After scrolling through the account, what struck me was just how many designer pieces Fran Fine wore on the show. Moschino skirt suits, Dolce & Gabbana blazers, Tom Ford for Gucci—I could go on.

The Instagram account @whatfranwore currently has 264K followers. Intrigued by the huge audience, I asked Shanae Brown, who runs the account, to weigh in about why people still care about fashion from the sitcom 25 years later. "Fashion always has a second life," she says, "and I think people my age (mid-to late 20s) who were too young to really participate in the 90s era fashion are really nostalgic for those looks and this is our way of paying homage to that decade.

Another realization is just how relevant her outfits are for today. Perhaps it’s because the fashion world is looking back to the ’80s and ’90s right now, but Fine’s larger-than-life style, with bold animal prints, loud colors, and ornate pieces, suddenly seems to resemble much of what’s in style now. I know I’ve certainly adopted some pieces from her wardrobe and plan to continue. Scroll down to see the trends I’m borrowing from Fran Fine’s closet.