Wow, Nordstrom Has the Prettiest Wedding Guest Dresses—33 in My Cart Now

With a fully stacked schedule of five weddings this year, I am well on my way to being a wedding guest veteran. Although I'm definitely not above a rewear, I do love an excuse to find a nice new dress. That being said, with so many weddings on the agenda, I am not able to splurge on an attendee ensemble, so cost is key. 

Options abound for what to wear for a wedding, depending on season, formality, and personal style. With many different types of weddings on the books, Nordstrom was the perfect place to find a balance of pretty, affordable dresses. Plus, I looked for dresses that will get plenty of rewears for future occasions. 

Whether it be a flouncy floral midi dress, a sleek black maxi dress, or a flirty and bold minidress, each of these dresses rises to the occasion (and all for under $300). Make my picks into your picks below.

A black slip dress is a versatile option.

Ruching is one of my favorite micro-trends for 2023.

Vivid hues are playful for warm weddings.

If there's a dance floor, this is a must-buy. 

An effortless option with lots of rewear potential.

Add a basket bag for garden-wedding vibes.

This is what I imagine Andie Anderson would wear to a wedding.

Definitely a year-round option for day or night.

This midi black dress works for so many occasions.  

Saving this for an eveningtime weekend wedding. 

Dress this up with sparkly accessories. 

Patiently awaiting my invite to a garden wedding. 

The flirty, bold minidress previously discussed.