Nordstrom Just Put 78 Beauty Products on Sale: 22 to Buy Before They Sell Out

Nordstrom Beauty Products



Here's the thing about sale shopping. At the start, it's a fun and adrenaline-pumping process for anyone who, like us, is obsessed with beauty products. Snagging an iconic moisturizer for a discounted price? Exciting. Finding a designer makeup product for just a portion of what it usually costs? Thrilling. However, if you dive deep enough into a sale, and you click countless pages into it, you start to experience a sort of shopping fatigue. Your online cart piles up with products and they begin to blend together until you're in a sale-induced insentient state. There's too much to consider in too little time. 

We've been there, and in an effort to prevent that from happening to you, we've scoured Nordstrom's Spring Sale for the best beauty products at the best price. Ahead, see the 22 products that we believe are worth your time, money, and attention, ranging from a lightweight, yet long-wearing foundation to a luxurious vinyl-effect lip stain. 

Trust us—this shimmering body oil makes our limbs look incredible when we're out in the sun. We also love the moisture it imparts and the intoxicating scent (you won't need perfume). 

Anyone with normal or oily skin will love this lightweight, yet long-wearing foundation. Since it feels featherlight on the skin, it's a fantastic formula to wear throughout the spring and summer. 

Tom Ford fragrances are some of the very best (and they're rarely on sale). With notes of leather, tonka bean, and sage, it's a warm and sophisticated scent. 

This cult-classic tinted lip balm will add a sheer wash of color as well as some much-needed hydration to chapped lips. 

Speaking of iconic Dior products, TikTok's favorite lip oil is also on sale. We recommend getting it before it's gone. 

What is there to say about this concealer that hasn't already been said? It's silky formula looks so natural on the skin (and the shade range is on point). 

These eyeshadow sticks are so easy to use (even while on the go). Simply swipe and blend with your fingers for an effortless, yet put-together look. 

This perfume is a Who What Wear favorite thanks to fresh notes of ambrette seeds, sea salt, and sage. It makes us want to live in an oceanfront house on Cape Cod. 

A luxurious tinted moisturizer that offers additional hydration and sun protection? It does exist. 

This mascara is one of the best for lengthening and defining. It always gives us long, fluttery-looking lashes. 

This tinted gel adds volume to your brows thanks to minuscule fibers. Trust us, it looks so natural (but the result is still super noticeable). 

This sunscreen is lightweight and milky, so it doesn't leave any residue behind. We love that it offers SPF 50 to keep our skin protected. 

Another TikTok-famous product, this one has a universally flattering color that's sure to compliment any skin tone and eye color. 

These high-impact eye shadows are encased in mini compacts for easy portability. 

This liquid eye shadow lasts for hours at a time without any touchups needed. Consider it the sophisticated way to do shimmer. 

Looking for a new vitamin C serum? What about face oil? Why not combine the two with this hybrid product that promises to brighten, firm, and protect the skin? 

An iconic body moisturizer, this formula includes cocoa butter and sesame oil to moisturize and soften dry skin. 

If your moisture barrier could use some help or you're just looking for a good moisturizer, we recommend this one. It's rich, soothing, and fast absorbing. 

A fragrance that's just as fruity as it is floral, it combines notes of yuzu, pomegranate, peony, magnolia, lotus flower, and musk. 

Fans of double-cleansing are sure to love this cleansing balm that's sensitive enough for sensitive skin yet dissolves makeup and sunscreen in one fell swoop. 

This setting powder is so silky. It mattifies our skin without looking cakey or like it's there at all. 

Fans of glossy lips, look no further. This high-impact lip stain gives the lips a super shiny, vinyl look.