I Haven't Done a Nordstrom Deep Dive in Forever—35 Items I Can't Believe I Found

The holiday season—between its sales, gift-giving duties, and intense party schedule—has a tendency to cause you to forget the things you regularly do and focus instead on the special days ahead. Case in point? My total and complete lack of attention paid toward Nordstrom, a store I usually know every last piece of merchandise from like the back of my hand. In the last few weeks, though, I've been slacking. This story is my way of making up for that. 

For the past six or so hours, I've been scrolling through Nordstrom.com with the ferocity and determination of an internet conspiracy theorist (queue up the Charlie meme from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia). The result? A list of finds I'm still, quite honestly, in shock over. From gorgeous outerwear to luxe-looking leather pants, there's a bit of everything in the 35-piece offering below, all of which won't be leaving my conscious brain anytime soon. Scroll down to shop every last one.

Everyone could use one (or more) of these. 

Introducing my new favorite Uggs.

The styling possibilities are endless. 

There's a reason so many celebrities love these pants. 

Me and cashmere are pretty much inseparable come winter. 

Looking expensive is as easy as sliding these $15 shades on. 

These railroad-striped cargo pants are going viral. 

Hourglass blazers like this one feel far fresher than super-oversize ones. 

There's no outfit a big tee can't fix.

I've been all about dark-wash jeans lately. 

There are no words to describe the desire I possess to own this coat. 

My coworker Jasmine owns these, and every time I spot her in them, I consider splurging on a pair. 

I already own this skirt in blue, but white is next on my list. 

I can't believe this jacket isn't sold out yet. 

If you're anything like me, wearing color in the winter is tricky. This knit changes everything. 

Boot-cut jeans are making one hell of a comeback this season.