I Grew Up Going to Nordstrom, so I Scouted These Picks From Its Best Sections


(Image credit: @annabelrosendahl)

When I was a kid, going to Nordstrom with my mom was always a special shopping trip. I have a visceral memory of being around 11 and trying on a pair of white-and-yellow patent-leather platform sandals in the women's shoe department. They had a T-strap with appliqué flowers going down the front, and in my 11-year-old eyes, they were everything. Seeing as my mom was never one to censor my burgeoning fashion inclinations (still unclear if this was a positive or a negative), we left with them, and my lifelong shoe obsession was born.

While my shopping these days takes place pretty exclusively online, Nordstrom is still very much my go-to when I need a closet pick-me-up. And I've gotten good at navigating what it has to offer. Like, really good. Whether you're looking for a staple sweater that won't break the bank or slinky, nighttime sandals (I've since graduated from yellow platforms—although, admittedly, they still sound cute), I've rounded up all the best items at Nordstrom right now below.

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