Classics, Trends, and Designer Investments: The Hottest Nordstrom New Arrivals of Note

a woman with a ferragamo bag

(Image credit: @lefevrediary)

Last Sunday, the temperature in Brooklyn hit 75°. I played tennis outside in a skort, I threw open the windows, and I booted up my laptop to browse Nordstrom's new arrivals for spring. What can I say? I'll take any excuse to shop. After months of cold, dreary weather, I'm ready to embrace bright colors, shorter hems, and lighter materials.

With the change of season, I've broken my spring fashion shopping list into three categories: classic staples, trendy add-ons, and designer touches. I'm planning to first buy the simple staples I know I'll wear all the time, like linen pants and comfortable Birkenstock sandals. Then, I'll pick and choose the flair pieces—trendy Mary Janes or the It Ferragamo bag of the moment. While I'm not one to overdo it on anything that feels a little too trendy, sprinkling a few of-the-moment finds helps to keep the more timeless items feeling fresh. I especially love the power of a new accessory, like a pair of designer shoes or hat, to add a luxe touch to the ensemble.

In Nordstrom's new-arrivals section, the selection of pieces can be daunting at first. There's a lot to sort through, but I've managed to find 33 worthy styles now on my radar for purchasing in the months ahead.

Aemilia Madden