These Are the Most Important Items on Sale at Nordstrom Right Now

New York Street Style Leopard Pants


Szymon Brzóska/The Style Stalker

If you love Nordstrom but find the sale to be a little overwhelming, this roundup is for you. If your wardrobe is in need of a major upgrade for 2020, this roundup is for you. And, lastly, if you just love a good deal on a great find, this roundup is most definitely for you. That's right—your girl has done all the work and searched high and low in every section of Nordstrom's sale section to bring you the absolutely most important items they have to offer—all 32 of them.

From marked-down Manolos to the $35 sweater we all need to the Ganni skirt you can wear to both work and the beach to a few beauty buys I'm willing to endorse, there's something for every style and every budget, so there's no excuse to stop scrolling now. Just continue on to get started.

This is one of those coats you can wear with every outfit, every day.

An actually affordable investment piece.

At this time of year, there's no such thing as too many black sweaters.

I cannot get over the fact that this is even in stock.

With a change of accessories, this simple jumpsuit will feel like a new outfit every time you wear it.

These are cool for work and going out, which makes them doubly worth it.

I want to buy this to wear to and from the gym for the rest of winter.

Alo's amazing leggings are even cooler in camo.

I actually need new workout shoes and feel like these should be them.

How fashion girls get their glow.

Somebody has a party to go to, and they need to be wearing this.

Alexander Wang doesn't just do trendy—he's mastered timeless, too.

White boots are a refreshing change from black sometimes.

I actually hate wearing scarves, but when I have to wear one, at least it can be Isabel Marant.

Swap these in for your black jeans to make any outfit instantly cool.

Wear this with anything from a swimsuit sandals to a blouse and boots.

If you love a deal and trust Nordstrom reviews, then you should buy this immediately.

Another one I can't believe is on sale and not sold out.

I live for Clinique's makeup remover that's included in this set.