I'm a Nordstrom Designer—These Are the Summer Items I'm Most Excited About

Learning what’s on the shopping lists of various industry creatives is often of interest for our own wardrobe inspiration. Jane Fuge, Design Director for Nordstrom’s brand BP, is one of the said experts that’s filled with unique sartorial advice.

For reference, Fuge specifically works on the popular Nordstrom-made label BP, which has an expansive collection of trending pieces, including the BP Be Proud offering—the year-round gender-inclusive collection. Fuge shared with us why she’s so excited to work on this line every day: "The younger generation challenges us creatives to think in new and innovative ways to keep them engaged, they expect more from us than ever before. Trends are constantly changing and social media plays a huge part in this, what’s ‘in’ one week is out the next and that keeps it interesting,” she said. On that note, Fuge offered up the specific summer items (many of which can be found in the BP line) that she’s personally interested in and is excited to wear this season.

Keep scrolling to check out Fuge’s shopping list, complete with testimonials and a range of shopping inspiration from BP and other Nordstrom-made brands.


(Image credit: Nordstrom)

Halter Silhouettes

"The halter silhouette is key for the summertime. The tops easily outfit back to a statement mini for vacation!”—Jane Fuge

Low-Rise Denim

"We are loving the comeback of low-rise denim! Such an easy outfit completer in a wider, slouchy fit.”—Fuge

Colorful Heeled Sandals

"A colorful heeled sandal is my go-to for the summer. I always want to make a statement with my shoe and pink is the color of the season.”—Fuge

Preppy Silhouettes

"Prep continues to be a trend through 2022 and we love this lug-sole shoe in pink.”—Fuge

High-Shine Statement Items

"I am personally loving the high-shine trend. Now that we are all making plans and getting out of the house, I’m excited to dress up again. Hardware, metallic finishes, and shimmer, more is more! This dress from BP Be Proud is the perfect night-out dress.”—Fuge

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