Chunky Boots Are My Favorite Shoe of the Season—Here's How I Wear Them

4 Outfits to Wear With Chunky Boots

If you’re reading this right now, there is a high chance you own or are thinking about owning a pair of chunky boots. If I, or any of my fellow editors for that matter, have not yet convinced you they are this season’s must-have shoe, let me try again. Not only have the boots been seen on every It girl across the globe, but they’re comfy, easy to style, and make every outfit look that much cooler. So yes, they’re basically a no-brainer. And if you need some inspiration, keep scrolling to see how I’m incorporating the cutest pairs from Nordstrom into my wardrobe this season.

Puffer + Straight-Leg Jeans

Midi Dress + Shoulder Bag

Crop Jeans + Turtleneck 

Long Coat + Faux-Leather Pants