25 New Fall Zara Shoes That Are About to Fly Off the Shelves

New Zara Fall Shoes


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No Zara item goes more viral than a pair of really good shoes. Remember these bad boys? Well according to the slew of new arrivals at Zara this past couple of weeks, we can expect a lot more of the brand's irresistible shoes (and prices) to go viral this fall season. Per usual, the brand has stocked up on all of the major fall trends and essentials, from lace-up booties to crystal-adorned heels. When you find a product that is both forward and cheap, not purchasing it would be a crime, and most wise shoppers are in agreement. Does this explain the frequency at which Zara products go viral? Most likely. 

If we were to make some predictions (which we love doing here at Who What Wear), we would place all our money on the 25 pairs of new fall Zara shoes ahead selling out at the speed of light either right now or in the coming weeks leading up to the shift of the season. If the idea of a closed-toe shoe freaks you out right now due to a massive amount of end-of-summer denial, we suggest you scroll through some of our fall trend content to get in the mood. Then shop your little heart out via the selection below. 

These will sell out first, I'm sure of it. 

The trendy slide seen all over Cophenhagen Fashion Week street style. 

If you haven't hopped on board with the square-toe trend, this is your chance.

The split-gathered detailing makes for an eye-catching shoe.

I never want cowboy boots to go out of style. 

Zara can do no wrong with its kitten heels.

These lace-up boots have made their way into several of our stories, and you can see why.

Sorry—we couldn't choose between the cream and the blue.

Whoever said no white after Labor Day clearly hasn't seen Zara's white sandals.

Just think about how much wear you'll get out of these this fall.

I'd wear these chic flats quite often.

These boots will make it through any kind of weather–and keep you looking good, too.

A fresh take on your classic pair of pumps.

Trust us, these leather boots will warrant compliments every time you wear them.

Wear these with sleek trousers and a T-shirt for a casual yet elevated look.

Refer back to what I said about cowboy boots earlier.

I'm getting major Anna Wintour vibes from these. Aren't you?

Green is trending hard for fall, and these slides are making a serious case for it. 

Chanel aesthetic at a budget-friendly price point.

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