Meet the Designer Who Made Me Fall in Love With Fashion Again

Obviously I love fashion, but I will admit that after going to a million previews and market appointments, hosting ample desksides, and flipping through never-ending electronic lookbooks, it's rare that I get really excited about a brand. With that said, it was a morning like any other—until it wasn't. I woke up, checked my Google Calendar, and typed in the address for my first appointment of the day, which—you guessed it—was Markarian. I was familiar with the brand, but I had yet to see any of the pieces in person, so I was excited

I knocked on the door and was greeted by the brand’s designer, Alexandra O’Neill, herself, and ushered into the most adorable apartment I had ever been into in NYC. Alexandra began showing me the new collection after giving me the grand tour of her apartment once she saw how hard I was gushing over the place. As she flipped from one perfectly hung transparent hot-pink hanger to the next, my jaw dropped lower and lower to the ground. You might think I'm being dramatic, but one look at the pieces she brought into this world and you'll get it. Trust me. 

Everything that usually catches my eye during market appointments was not only present but took center stage. Feathers, sequins, bows, candy colors, and silhouettes unlike anything I'd seen before quickly melted my heart, and before I knew it, I was in love. Not only with Markarian, but fashion again. To ensure you have the same semi-spiritual experience I did, go on to read my full interview with Alexandra O'Neill, designer of Markarian, and to shop current pieces I'm loving from the brand.