I'm Going to Spend a Little on These 8 Spring Trends But Wear Them a Lot

Spring 2021 trends

Trends are a funny thing. You never really know how long they'll be around. Some peak quickly which leads to trend fatigue while others are more of a slow burn and have some longevity. While I do like to splurge on items from time to time, it's typically ones that I know will last a while, like a great black bag or a nice blazer. But when it comes to trends, unless they're trendy basics, I don't always want to spend a ton if I'm not going to wear them for at least a few seasons. Hence this handy guide.

These eight trends are some of my favorites of the season. I know I'll wear them again and again as the weather warms up, making them quite worthy of their affordable price tags. So if you're ready to make your 2021 wardrobe a little (or a lot) trendier, keep scrolling to shop the items that will take it there, most of which are under $100.



Flatforms are the comfortable shoe trend my feet are craving these days. Luckily, they're a major trend and can be found for under-$100.

Retro Prints

Retro prints



All things retro are cool again, so if you're tired of the '90s, swing back to the '60s and '70s for inspiration. These fun prints are a good place to start.

Plissé Pleats

Plissé Pleat shirt



Plissé-pleated fabric is undeniably pretty and can easily be found at affordable retailers like H&M and Mango.


I love the bubblegum pink trend, but with so many pretty under-$100 iterations, I don't feel the need to spend a ton on it.

Baggy Jeans

Baggy jeans fashion trend



If the jeans aren't baggy, I don't want them. The market is flooded with cool affordable versions, so I'm skipping the $250 pairs.

Summer Camp Jewelry

Lisa Says Gah jewelry



Y2K jewelry is fun for summer, but I'm not sure it'll be a thing year-round, so I'm shopping for cute affordable pieces to wear through August.


Cut-outs make for beautiful tops and dresses, and there's no reason to spend a ton when you can find it among every retailers' stock. 


The Who What Wear team is still enamored with all things checkerboard, myself included. The graphic trend is a refreshing change from the usual florals for spring.