I Wear Sneakers Five Days a Week—Here Are The Pairs I Have In My Cart

Like most people right about now, I really don’t have a use for heels anymore. Sometimes I like to look at them–shiny, sparkly, and criminally underused–in my closet, but as we inch towards the end of the year, my feet have become intimately acquainted with the cushiony goodness of trainers. Before this year, sneakers were still a personal obsession, but now I’ve been able to put my sneaker hoarding tendencies to good use. I'm usually wearing a pair at least five out of seven days a week, so needless to say I know a great deal about them. Since I’m perpetually online window-shopping for new styles, I thought I’d share some of the ones I have added to my cart right now. 

Thanks to the kickoff of the holiday shopping season, you’re also in luck–lots of these styles happen to be on sale and heavily discounted. From hyped celebrity and designer collabs to classic pairs every sneakerhead should have stocked, I’ve rounded up all of them here for your shopping pleasure. Happy buying! 


Soft, muted yellows have been trending in a big way when it comes to boots and heels, so it makes sense the shade has found its way into the sneaker world.

We expect to see these all over fashion Instagram really soon.

The first time I saw these in the wild, I thought they were apart of some limited big-budget sneaker collaboration (spoiler: they're not), but they're that good.



Gola's are a cool, less obvious choice if you want a classic-looking pair of sneakers no one else will have.

Superstars will forever be one of my sneaker staples–here, it's reimaged with an elevated and structured sole. 

Despite its notoriety within the skiing and outdoor world, Salomon is still a bit under the radar in the context of fashion trends. These are great for heavy terrain and snowy conditions, yet look like an expensive sneaker out of a runway show. 

These sneakers are from a collaboration between French-label Casablanca and New Balance, and in the course of researching for this story, I actually bought them. 

While most New Balances are made in the US, these carry the distinction of being produced across the pond.

I spotted these in a Nordstrom store months ago and couldn't get them out of my head ever since. 

Technically these are for running, but I'm personally buying these to pair with all of my cozy sweatsuits.

What excited me most about these is that they're a new silhouette for Common Projects. They fully embrace the dad sneaker trend and I'm entirely here for it.

These have a similar vibe to the Common Projects pair, but 1/6 of the price. 

I fully expect these to carry the same frenzy as the Telfar bag.  

If you're into interesting textures and materials, these feature a translucent upper.



Sustainability is at the forefront of Veja's ethos. In collaboration with Rick Owens, the upper is constructed out of recycled bottles, with the outsoles made out of cork.

A pair for all of your preppy 'fits.

When Prada and Adidas announced their collab, it was the talk of fashion news; here's the next style of the heavily hyped partnership.

I've been on the hunt for these forever, and finally, I found them in stock.