This New Skinny-Jean Trend Is About to Blow Up

When it comes to denim, we’ve shared the new trends everyone will wear this fall, the best jeans to wear with heels this season, the new type of skinny jeans Victoria Beckham recently wore, and the jeans I get asked out in every time I wear them. Today we’re focusing on skinny jeans and the updated version we’re seeing more and more of from our favorite brands. The style we’re referring to isn’t what you think about when you picture classic skinny jeans, as instead, the silhouette is slightly updated for a fresh new look.

The two main details that make this style of skinny jeans so special are the super-subtle flare and how the design is tight all the way through the calf (and some options have a slit on the sides). I tested out this particular style a couple of months ago, wearing a pair from Cotton Citizen, and I have to say they are extremely flattering and made my legs look longer than they are. I’m already a fan of the new skinny-jean trend, but Cotton Citizen convinced me even further after debuting new pretty colors in the popular style. The brand recently launched two new options for fall blush and jackfruit, so keep scrolling to see the dreamy hues ahead and to shop more of the new skinny-jean style below.

Shop more of our favorite skinny jeans for fall:
Nico High Rise Slim Fit Jeans

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