I Get Asked Out Every Time I Wear These Jeans

I’ll admit I’m somewhat cringing inside as I write this, but we’ve touched on this topic in the past with the alluring beauty products Amanda from Byrdie wears and gets hit on all day and the one outfit Kristen wears and always gets hit on. It turns out you all are super interested in the makeup and looks we wear when we get asked out, so I figured I’d hop in on the conversation and share the item that stands out in my closet. While Kristen’s go-to piece is a slip skirt, for me, it’s white jeans. For whatever reason, whenever I wear the summer staple, I am approached more than when I wear a printed dress or my go-to cropped jeans.

I’ve even had this conversation with some of my close guy friends, and they all agree that white jeans (no matter the style) are the ultimate “bait” to attract eyes (cringing even more—I know). Does this silly opinion affect the way I dress or style my white jeans? Of course not—it’s simply an observation I’ve noticed when I step out in crisp white pants. In light of this theory, I’m sharing some of my favorite white denim outfit combinations I’ve worn recently. See and shop the essentials you need to re-create the looks below.

Available in sizes 23 to 32.

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