30 New Items from Zara, H&M, and Nordstrom That'll Sell Out If You're Not Quick

Since it's my job to keep tabs on what's new in fashion, I'm a frequent visitor of the new arrivals section on most fashion sites. It can be tricky, scrolling through all the pages and finding the best of the best before it's gone. I've noticed that whenever I mentally pick out my favorites as I browse, I've found that they almost always end up selling out within a week, so I guess you could say it's either a sheer coincidence or I just have an eye for what's good. Let's just go with the latter, since my job depends on it and all. 

In an effort to bring the best finds to our beloved WWW readers before they're completely sold out, I handpicked a selection from your (and our) favorite retailers—we're talking H&M, Nordstrom, and Zara. From trend-forward knits to work-from-home basics you can wear 24/7, you'll want to act fast on the selects below. Get ready to scroll through 30 items that'll make you want to click add-to-cart real quick. Happy shopping!

Like we've already said before, corsets aren't going anywhere. 

A chic piece to incorporate into your WFH wardrobe.

If you've been trying to get your hand on a shacket but they keep selling out, this might be your chance. 

If you haven't gotten your hands on a leather blazer yet, here you go.

Perfect to transition into spring. 

I'm surprised this hasn't sold out yet.

I've already wanted a black pair, but now I'm considering adding this sage one to my list as well.

Straight out of a '90s flick.

My fellow editor Lauren noted these tied-up tops would be making a comeback. 

Now that's one chic dress.

Can't go wrong with a leather minidress.

This shade of pink will be everywhere soon.

The perfect way to take the colder month's favorite trend into spring with a pop of color. 

Channel your inner Princess Diana by pairing these with an oversized sweatshirt. 

Loose fit trousers are all the rage for 2021.

We won't be transitioning into high-heels so quickly, but these seem like a medium ground. 

Zara's got the funky ring memo.

Reformation always makes the cutest tops.

I'm waiting on the delivery of my Jeffrey Campbell loafers as I write this. 

Skims products are totally worth the hype and they never last in stock for long.

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