A Guide to Picking the Right Necklace Length


Collage Vintage

Picking the right necklace lengths can really make or break your outfit. A choker that hits at just the right spot can really pull together an outfit while one that hangs precariously at the wrong length can throw it off. And if you’re at a loss with all of the different sizes of necklaces out there, we’re here to break them down. There are six major styles and reasons to wear each of them. Learn all about them and then shop our favorites below.

14" Collar

Fits tightly around the neck and is best worn with open-neck tops.

16" Choker

Sits tightly against the base of the neck and can be worn with most necklines.

18" Princess

Rests on the collarbone and can be worn with most necklines.

20" Matinée

Falls between the collarbone and the bust; works with most necklines.

24" Opera

Drops on the bust or below; best for high necklines.

30" to 34" Rope

Falls below the bust; best for formal evening attire.

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