Sephora's Beauty Director Has Access to Thousands of Products—Here Are Her Musts



It's not exactly like we need help when it comes to shopping for beauty products at Sephora. The retailer carries (and continues to debut!) many of the most in-demand skincare, hair, fragrance, and makeup brands in the business, and said brands consistently launch fresh, new beauty treasures we keenly add to the top of our never-ending wishlist. However, that doesn't mean we aren't curious to know which products the beauty goddesses over at Sephora HQ (who know about exciting brands and launches long before we mortals do) are currently loving.

I'm pretty much obsessed with finding out the beauty routines and product musts of people I admire within the industry, so I reached out to Sephora Beauty Director Myiesha Sewell to see what's currently on her radar. Sure, she might have insider access to thousands of Sephora's best-selling beauty staples, but below, she's sharing the select 15 she's most excited about right now. Keep scrolling! 


"Glow Recipe's Watermelon Glow PHA + BHA Pore-Tight Toner is so much more than a run-of-the-mill toner. The cactus water and watermelon extract envelopes your skin in cushy moisture, and PHA and BHA work to unclog pores and smooth skin. I massage it in before my serums or wear it alone as a lightweight moisturizer on hot days."

"Incorporating retinol into my routine this year was a great decision because I was in such a skin rut. I was experiencing a cycle of breakouts and dark spots that I couldn’t keep up with and wanted to find a great preventive aging solution that wouldn’t exacerbate the problem. Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform was the perfect solution to address my concerns, considering they were all over the place. I’ve seen diminished dark spots thanks to the encapsulated retinol, and the lactic acid ensures I wake up to super-smooth skin."

"The kaolin clay and charcoal in Dermalogica’s Active Clay Prebiotic Cleanser make it a detoxifying, oil-balancing dream, but it’s buffered with ingredients like brightening citrus and nourishing aloe to protect your microbiome as well. I like to massage it onto my skin and wear it as a mask for a few minutes because the ingredients are just too good to wash away after only 60 seconds."

"I haven’t had a facial since February, and my large pores and oily skin mean dealing with a ton of congestion. Using this tool from Dermaflash set to the extract mode allows me to dislodge all the built-up gunk and safely extract blackheads."


"Patrick Ta’s Major Beauty Headlines Matte Suede Lipsticks are highly pigmented and have the best buttery-matte pigment. My favorite shade, Oh She’s Single, is a nude with a bit of lively peachiness to it that doesn’t wash me out."

"The pigment and shade selection in this palette is amazing. It’s become my go-to palette because I love a dramatic brown smoky eye, and at $14, it’s a steal."

"Sephora Collection’s new Clean Glossy Lip Oil is a part of their new range of Clean at Sephora products that are all under $20. It looks great, is intensely hydrating and shiny, and, since it's oil-based, it’s not at all sticky. Apricot is my go-to shade, but Tamarind is the shade to look at if you have deep skin and you’ve been searching for the perfect brown nude."

"This foundation was formulated to be ideal for normal to dry skin types, but I love how plump and smooth it makes my oily skin look. It's a great switch-up for me when I’m feeling dehydrated or want a healthy, radiant glow."

"I’ve had my brows microbladed in the past, and while I miss the look of it, I don't miss the pain. I’ve been loving Benefit Cosmetics' Brow Microfilling Eyebrow Pen because I can get the microbladed look in seconds. I like drama, so the shade Dark Brown is my go-to, but I can actually wear any of the four shades because they tint and shade the skin, making them incredibly universal across skin tones."


"Applying an oil like this one from Fable & Mane prior to your hair-cleansing routine softens your hair and properly prepares it for the ordeal you’re about to put it through (i.e. hygral fatigue). I have habitually dry, curly, high-porosity hair, and my shower detangling routine is now down to about five minutes using just my hands!"


"This is my happy scent. It's an instant mood lifter for me. Juicy pear, fresh-cut grass, and jasmine combine to make something super delicious that I’ve been wearing all summer. It's easily going to stay in my top-10 fragrances forever."

"Solar Bloom is the sexiest of all the Clean Reserve fragrances, in my opinion. Its sunny blend of coconut water, orange blossom, and bergamot notes are complex yet fresh—a signature for Clean Reserve. This fragrance is great for someone who wants to graduate from a simple citrus scent to something more seductive."

Wellness & Bodycare

"My body has always been jealous of the fancy stuff I put on my face, but not anymore. Nécessaire takes all the star ingredients that we love—like niacinamide, AHAs, and ceramides—and infuses them into their range of bodycare. I encourage everyone to check out the entire range, but The Body Serum has become my new favorite way to hydrate. The hyaluronic acid penetrates deeply, and the ceramides make my skin feel plump without leaving residue."

"Four Sigmatic's mushroom coffee mixes allow me to experience a delicious, energy-boosting drink in the morning without the afternoon crash. Starting the day with an anti-inflammatory supplement like this one, which has lion’s mane and Chaga, always seems to set me up for healthy habits all day long."

"I miss pedicures dearly, and the Sephora Collection Clean Foot Mask in Cactus helps me get that spa-like experience at home. I like things warm and cozy, so I place the unopened pouch in warm water for 10 minutes to make my own heated version!"

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