The Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide: 42 Items You'll Want to Steal for Yourself


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I don't mean to brag or anything, but I'd consider myself an expert gift giver. Every time I take the love language test, my top one is giving and receiving gifts. It's always been the way I communicate my love and appreciation for someone. From making baskets to eyeing what's on someone's shopping lists, the act of buying something for someone that you carefully planned and thought out can be something extremely special. It's no different for Mother's Day. Even though any day is a good day to appreciate your mom, the holiday is a perfect excuse to give them a little extra pampering.

We've already covered the best gifts for new moms and wrote a full beauty guide, but the list below is guaranteed to include something your mom will have to love (and you'll want to borrow). From heavenly scented candles and perfumes to comfy loungewear and workout equipment, there's something in here for everyone. Keep scrolling to check out the ultimate gift buys we know your mom will love.

How comfortable do these look?

My mom knows nothing about skincare, but she often sneaks into my bathroom and borrows a few products—this one included.

I want these for myself just to stare at.

Travel bags don't have to be boring. This is great to hold all necessary beauty products when your mom is on the go.

Perfect for the warmer weather ahead.

Pour some coffee in this and add to the breakfast in bed you're planning.

A luxurious purchase anyone would squeal to open up.

A comfy (and cute) pair of slides.

Is it just my mom who has her water bottle glued to her?

Lipstick is something my mom never gets tired of receiving. (I don't blame her.) 

Perfect addition to any workout or even just a walk.

For the relatively new moms out there, you can buy them this dress along with a matching one for the little one.

This is the perfect lounge uniform, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Cause We Care Foundation to support single moms and their children.

Just looking at these makes me feel cozy.

For the mom who's always drinking coffee or tea.

This brand will not only add a little luxury to your mom's beauty routine, but it's also a cult favorite for valid reasons.

Simply stunning. This is a bag that will stay in their closet for a long time.

Massage gift cards are great, but what about a massage almost anytime?

I never thought I'd be calling a kettle chic, but here we are.

Even if your mom doesn't have a green thumb, a snake plant is one anyone can take care of. (Trust me, mine is still alive.)

Dermatologists agree that this product is a must-have.

Make a daily shower a spa experience.

I can't get over how beautiful this arrangement is, and since it's a dried one it'll last longer.

This is bound to make any makeup routine better.

These will be a relaxing addition to any nighttime routine.

This has gone viral for a reason and makes an excellent under-$50 gift option.

A chic wardrobe staple that will go with literally any outfit.

If your mom loves to host people just as much as mine does, serving ware is always a solid option.

A perfect pair of pajamas for the summertime, don't you think?

Most of us know someone who has lost an earring due to an earring back slipping off, so your mom is sure to love this jewelry gift that packs a practical punch. These universal earrings backs have technology that locks into place so she can wear her favorite earrings without fear of ever losing them.


The hype of these are proven real just by the amount of glowing reviews.

For the mom that loves a good at-home manicure.


A classic shoe option they'll keep forever.