My Mom Vouched That These Mother's Day Gifts Will Be a Hit

With Mother's Day right around the corner (May 13, people—mark your calendars), we're already putting some thought into crafting the perfect gift for her. Our moms have done so much for us, so when it comes to celebrating Mother's Day, it's all but impossible to land on a gift idea that encapsulates why we love her so much. This year, we're taking the guessing out of it and going straight to the source.

I had my own mother weigh in on the items I thought she'd love. At times too candid, she gave me her honest feedback on the gift ideas I was sure she'd fall in love with, like a classic pajama set ("I'd never wear that!") or a pair of slingback pumps ("Oh, you know I'm not a heels type of person"). My mom, like I'm sure many moms out there, has pretty specific tastes. We landed on some real winners, too. She likes very clean, polished basics (Everlane's were a hit), and as a yoga teacher, I knew she'd love anything related to the practice (Outdoor Voices nailed it with its colorful leggings).

I bonded with my mom while introducing some of my favorite brands to her. It was beyond helpful to hear her unfiltered thoughts, so I had to share her insights. The following gifts were ultimately a hit with my mom, so there's a high chance they'll be a hit with yours too.

Now you have a solid idea of which gifts are sure to win over your mom this Mother's Day.