Can You Guess the Most Popular Jeans in Australia?

Most Popular Jeans in Australia


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Last week, we discovered that the most searched brand and style of sneaker came as a surprise to our Who What Wear Australia team. "Surely they should have been the Adidas Superstars!" But you probably won't be surprised to find out what the most searched-for brand of jeans are in Australia online. According to Cuponation Australia, it's the icon Levi's.

As Australians have a thing for classics and timeless style, there's no shock to see that Levi's come in at number one. Dating back to 1800s, Levi Strauss & Co have a long history and proud heritage, originally creating the blue jean for men's workwear. Fast-forward to today and we're wearing these classics as a means of comfort, style, and statement. Our team of editors wear the Levi's 501 style on high rotation, pairing with everything from silk blouses to Bassike cotton shirts.

Coming in second were none other than Melbourne-based Nobody Denim (the brand that does the black skinny jean oh-so perfectly). Coming in as the third most popular were another classic brand that do a good blue jean, Wrangler.

Keep scrolling to see the top 10 most searched jeans brands and to shop the top favourites. 

Most Searched-For Pair of Jeans in Australia

It's not hard to see why it's most searched-for brand of jeans in Australia.

We dare you to find a better fitting pair of black skinny jeans. 

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