The Two Designer Bags Everyone Wants More Than Ever This Year

The most popular designer bags



These days, it's common to see a new designer bag flood our Instagram feeds and cause a lot of social media–fueled hype overnight. But with all this carefully orchestrated marketing (let's face it, usually an elite group of insiders is gifted with the item), it can be hard to tell what's really trending and what's simply being backed by powerful marketing dollars. That's where we come in.

Our friends over at the designer consignment destination The RealReal recently clued us in to the most popular designer bags that are flying off their shelves. (Okay, not literally since TRR is mainly online, but you get the gist.) They let us know that there are two handbags, in particular, that are more in demand than any others—Prada's nylon Tessuto bag and Fendi's Zucca baguette. We're talking a spike in searches by upward of 400% compared to the numbers from last year. I'm no math whiz, but I'd say that means these bags are definite crowd-pleasers rather than niche hits.

The numbers don't lie, and neither does all the photographic evidence of these two designer bags on the street style scene. (They're both everywhere.) These '90s shoulder bags are back in a major way, and based on the demand, everyone wants in on the nostalgic look. Scroll down to see how fashion girls are wearing the Prada and the Fendi, and shop various iterations of both while you're at it.

Up 228% YoY: Prada Nylon Bags

Style Tip: The cropped-in shoulder bag brings basics like a white button-down and blue jeans up a notch.

Style Tip: Don't underestimate the power of styling the shoulder bag with jeans and a great top.

Prada Nylon handbag



Style Tip: Pile on the accessories. Prada's nondescript triangle logo won't compete for attention.

Up 425% YoY: Fendi Baguette Bags

most popular Fendi baguette bag



Style Tip: Balance out the festive vibe of a sequinned bag with down-to-earth pieces.

Fendi baguette bag



Style Tip: Fendi's iconic logo can (and should) be taken on vacation. It'll be an eye-catching addition to all your outfit photos.

Style Tip: To really showcase the bag's logo print, style it against a base of similar neutral tones.