Editors and Makeup Artists Swear By These Dark Circle-Erasing Finds

Simply put, it's our job to find the best beauty products out there for you. From the newest serum to the hottest lipstick color to the dry shampoo that will change your life, we will find it, test it, and let you know what we think. We're not complaining. It's a pretty fun gig, and we'll volunteer to be beauty guinea pigs any day.

But one of the cool things to come out of this is finding out what products you're loving and buying. It helps us figure out what you want to learn more about and what you're into so we can bring even more personalized recs to you.

Because we share a lot of our favorites with you every single day, we recognize it might be hard to keep up. So we've decided to put together a handy weekly list of what we love and what you love—consider this a CliffsNotes, one-stop shop of what's really trending and worth adding to your cart at this very moment.

This week, we're talking about all the products that get rid of those annoying dark circles. Do you have a product that we missed? We'd love to know. Send us a DM.

Eye Creams and Serums

This eye cream is formulated to revive your tired eyes. Founder of The Things We Do, Vanessa Lee, RN, recommends this product: "It's created with diamond dust and pure botanicals for a luminous pink-pearl wear on the skin—yes, diamond dust—as in crushed-up diamonds. This product is wonderful for more mature consumers and people with genetic dark circles."

Senior editor Erin Jahns and her 73-year-old mom love this eye cream. "I immediately noticed how it diminished the severity of my dark circles post-flight when I visited home recently, and my mom agreed that it reduced her puff, wrinkles, so on and so forth," she says.

Kerry Benjamin, esthetician, and founder of StackedSkincare, is a fan of this product for firming the undereye area: "Peptides help boost the body's natural production of collagen, which ultimately firm skin. Using an eye treatment serum or cream daily will help to firm the undereye area, creating a smoother surface with less noticeable dark circles."

First, you really can't complain about the price tag on this eye cream. And second, it really wakes up your eyes thanks to caffeine, which reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Kiehl's eye serum is my skincare rotation. I love that the formula is lightweight and that it contains vitamin C, which is known to brighten skin and protect against free radicals. My dark circles always look a little lighter and brighter after using this product.

This ultra-hydrating cream is formulated with elderberry flower to brighten, glycogen to improve and even skin tone, and hyaluronic acid to smooth. Along with targeting dark circles, it can also diminish puffiness.

Infused with collagen and vitamin C, OleHenriksen's popular eye cream reduces the look of dark circles. I also smooths the under-eye area for better makeup application.

Editor in Chief Kat Collings loves that this serum has retinol—a powerful anti-aging ingredient—in it. She found it to be super moisturizing: "I didn't feel the need to layer my usual eye cream on top, which is a bit surprising, as a lot of my face serums can have a slight drying, tightening effect where my skin craves that moisturizing final layer of cream," she says. "Not so with this serum! For me, this is key, as I'm not looking to have a two-step, double-the-price skincare routine just for my eyes. I'll manifest that one day, but for now, this serum is doing the trick and then some!"

"This serum has stolen my heart. It's the kid sister to the brand's best-selling Overnight Reset Oil-in-Serum ($59) (one unit is purchased every minute!), and it uses the formula's same coveted moisture magic to do battle against telltale symptoms of fatigue like dark circles, puffiness, and expression lines," Jahns says.

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Color Correctors and Concealers

Jahns calls this concealer "miraculous" and "life-changing." She says that "despite how luminous and featherlight the consistency of this formula is, it offers a surprising amount of coverage, and I find I need way less concealer than I do with some of my other picks (which saves me both time and product). It's my current favorite, and I always—I repeat, always—receive compliments on my makeup when I wear it. The name doesn't lie, folks!"

Jahns is also a fan of this concealer, describing it as perhaps the most famous and cult-loved concealer of all time. "Being the makeup snob I am and the beauty-obsessed teenager I was, I've had it in my rotation since high school. I kid you not," she says. "It's not my absolute go-to, but I love it's versatility for coverage anywhere on my face or eyes, and I appreciate how seamlessly it blends and buffs into my foundation for an invisible and durable finish. It's one of those iconic makeup products you definitely need to try in your lifetime."

Makeup artist and groomer Janice Kinjo recommends this affordable color corrector and concealer for all complexions, saying, "You can't beat the price point and the creamy formula can be applied with the brush-tip applicator."

Who What Wear UK's beauty editor Mica Ricketts swears by this concealer for her under-eye circles. "More pigmented and with a much thicker texture than my usual concealers, it manages to completely cover any grayish-purple shadow beneath my eyes while brightening up my entire eye area," she says. "Plus, it contains plumping collagen and protective antioxidants to diffuse lines and nourish dryness—another giveaway of tiredness."

Chanel's gel-based formula is one of makeup artist Gina Brooke's favorites. She says it contains a soft-focus pigment that diffuses light to minimize the look of imperfections. "It comes in four buildable colors and provides light-to-medium coverage. I use Rose to illuminate and brighten, Vert to neutralize the appearance of redness, and Apricot and Pêche to diminish the look of dark circles," she adds.

This drugstore find is always a favorite with editors, makeup artists, and our readers. The formula contains goji berry and Haloxyl to brighten and illuminate the under-eye area. You'll also love the applicator sponge, which makes it easy to apply the product smoothly and evenly.

I use Charlotte Tilbury's color corrector on the regular to deal with my perpetual dark circles. It goes on smoothly, doesn't feel too heavy, and the coverage is so good. Just a few dabs of the product, and I'm all set.

Eye Patches

These eye patches are infused with hyaluronic acid, a ceramide, collagen, marshmallow root extract, and caffeine—all of which work to lock in hydration, smooth the skin, and de-puff. It also does a good job of minimizing dark circles and fine lines.

Patchology's eye gels are designed to add some luminosity to the under-eye area. It contains vitamin C and mulberry to even our pigmentation, green-tea extract to lighten the appearance of dark circles, and pearlescent minerals to reflect light.

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