15 Mom Short Outfits You Will Fall in Love With This Summer

Over the past few seasons, we’ve been borrowing a ton from the closets of decades past: there have been chunky sneakers, eclectic outfits (thanks, Alessandro Michele!), and—of course—mom jeans. It is, perhaps, the denim pieces that have stood the test of time most stoically: They’re always there when we need a little effortlessly classic off-duty staple to mix into our existing casual rotation. Come summer, however, we’re dead set on keeping them around, no matter how hot it might get. We’re just raising our hemlines a little. Meet mom shorts, as they’re about to become your wear-everywhere summer essential.

Shorts with this fit are just like your trusty jeans in that they have that familiar high waist and a recognizable straight-leg fit (at least for the short inseam that you’re left with). They give off a slightly retro vibe without feeling too vintage. And, hey, your mom might even have a few pairs lying around from stylish decades gone that you can quickly get your hands on. At least, one can hope. Dress yours up with a silk camisole and a blazer or play them down (as originally intended) by grabbing an equally beloved vintage T-shirt and low-top sneakers. We, for one, are looking to the below fashionable street style stars for a little outfit inspiration. And if they have anything to say about it, you’re never going to want to (or have to!) take yours off.

High-waisted vintage-inspired shorts are the best-ever base (as are the longer jeans), so a statement top is a must. It’s a great going-out look, depending on where you’re headed, especially if you find yourself in a casual beach town.

When throwing on an oversize crewneck sweatshirt, consider a slightly different look by tucking the top into the waistband of your ultra-high denim shorts.

mom shorts american flag sweater



Go slouchy with an oversized bottom and top by sizing up on the shorts and throwing on a slouchy pullover knit.

mom shorts tie-front shirt



Make a crisp white button-down a little more casual by cuffing up the sleeves and tying a knot at your torso. Paired with high-waisted shorts, it will leave just the right amount of skin visible above your navel.

mom shorts pink striped button-down shirt



With something as classic as denim, go all-out when it comes to the color of your other styling pieces. Top your shorts with a bright pink-striped shirt and allow a swimsuit or bralette with equal flair to peek out from underneath.

Turn the cutoffs into a more tailored look with the addition of a bodysuit and blazer.

mom shorts striped sweater



Brighten up the denim look with a statement top by way of a graphic color-block sweater or sweatshirt to add that pop.

mom shorts tank vest



Opt into the layering essential of the summer with the addition of a vest.

mom shorts open-back top



Using denim shorts as your base, now is the time to have fun with statement tops that boast summer-loving open backs.



Opt for a pair in a dark hue and a collegiate-inspired bomber on top to match.

mom shorts statement blouse



Elevate your look with a statement blouse. That doesn’t have to mean a bright color either: In classic black or white, a head-turning sleeve will do the trick.

mom shorts tie-front shirt



Embrace the summertime spirit with a relaxed button-down shirt tied at the waist. Finish it off with seasonal accessories like a wide-brim hat and flat mules.

mom shorts layered top jacket



Style your cuffed mom shorts with an asymmetrical shirt for a youthful take on the preppier trend. Top it with a denim jacket to fashion a Canadian tuxedo.

Add a bit of color with a silk button-down tied at the waist. With your high-waisted shorts, it will reveal just the right amount of skin without baring it all.

mom shorts long coat t-shirt



Play with proportion by topping your short-and-tee combo with a longer-line coat or blazer. We love one with a bold or colorful stripe to add a pop to your otherwise-neutral look.

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Ready to trade in your mom jeans for mom shorts this summer? We certainly are!

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