15 Chic and Modest Outfits to Copy When It's Freezing Out

Fall is always fun because you can still play around with transitional pieces, meaning you can still show some skin without facing dire consequences. We can’t say the same for winter… As we get closer to January and the temperatures keep dropping, it’s hard to feel inspired when getting dressed in the morning. But instead of going on a crazy shopping spree to buy pieces you’ll most likely only wear once or twice, we invite you to see the modest winter outfits we streamlined just for you.

Add a fun animal print to your neutral winter look. 

Or keep it in the same color family for a really chic ensemble. 

Elevate your matching set by pairing it with a fuzzy coat and your favorite statement earrings.

Cinch up your coat for it to look like a dress. 

Proof that cheetah prints look best when paired when red and beige pieces.

Instead of wrapping your scarf around your neck, try this styling hack for a quick, chic look. 

You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit. 

When dressing in the morning, play around with the different hues of your favorite color. 

Note to self: Buy leather gloves.

We would be this happy in the snow if we owned that coat too. 

Cool, cozy, and casual. 

Neutral pairings never fail. 

Add a bit of texture to your outfit with a nice leather jacket and snakeskin boots.

Keep your base layers on the neutral side, but don’t shy away from color when it comes to your outerwear and shoes.

Elevate your trench coat by styling it with solely red accessories. 

Bored with your clothes? Check these 32 winter outfits that will get you out of your styling block. 

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